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Creating The Third Cultural Space
at work, at home, at school & in relationships

Join ICI Practitioners from around the world who are


in workplaces, on teams, in homes, through relationships, and in communities.

This will be a time of collaborative learning as we discuss 

cultural agility in all areas of our lives.

Please invite a plus one and introduce them to ICI!



Friday, October 14

6:30 pm - Marco Blankenburgh,

KnowledgeWorkx in the World

7:30 pm - Linda Berlot,

The Third Cultural Space on TEAMS

8:30 pm - George Kesselaar

The Third Cultural Space in CONSULTING

Saturday, October 15

9:00 am - Shelley Reinhart,

The Third Cultural Space in EDUCATION

10:00 am - Bart Heiligenberg,

The Third Cultural Space in RELATIONSHIPS

11:00 am - Matt Trenchard,

The Third Cultural Space in COACHING

1:00 pm - Ming-Jinn Tong,

The Third Cultural Space in COMMUNITY

2:00 pm - Marco Blankenburgh

Exciting KnowledgeWorkx Updates

Times listed are Dubai time (GMT+4)

All session will be recorded and available after the Summit.


Marco Blankenburgh

International Director


Marco Blankenburgh is the founder and director of KnowledgeWorkx. Through our network of over 600 practitioners, KnowledgeWorkx has expanded into working in 70 countries around the world. Marco’s ability to converse in Arabic, German, Afrikaans, English and Dutch, together with the creation and development of a unique coaching and Learning methodology, sets him apart from other professionals in this competitive field. He has become an expert in understanding the relationship building process among people and uses Inter-Cultural Intelligence to underpin his work in strategic consulting, change management, leadership development and executive coaching.

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Shelley Reinhart

Director of Education Services –KnowledgeWorkxED

Global Network Liaison

Shelley Reinhart is a skilled and experienced educator  and facilitator who has successfully incorporated ICI, MBTI, DiSC and MMTIC principles into the classroom of secondary schools as well as commercial leadership teams.

Shelley is passionate about helping leaders engage with culture and behavioral styles in and outside the classroom and the office. Currently, Shelley works with school directors and teachers to incorporate inter-cultural intelligence and psychometric tools to enrich curriculum and instruction frameworks, including classroom management techniques and instruction for creating culturally inclusive classrooms.


Ming-Jinn Tong

Ming-Jinn is a seasoned communicator with a deep love for walking with intercultural organizations as they discover their full, robust potential. Believing that each individual will flourish as they are more deeply understood & increasingly skilled at making healthy connections, Ming-Jinn aims to draw out the very best in those around him. He and his family live in Minneapolis, MN, where he has founded Cultivate & Hot Wok Academy

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Linda Berlot

CEO, Executive Leadership Team Coach

Linda is a human development specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of learning and development and strategic culture change and focuses on team dynamics to create alignment in organizations.  She is Italian and has been living in the United Arab Emirates and working in the Middle East since 2004.Linda is a Certified Team Coach (ORSC), (USA, runs an international team coaching practice, coaching C suite leadership teams.


Bart Heiligenberg

Senior Consultant – KnowledgeWorkx

Bart was born and raised in the Netherlands and has since lived in Egypt, the UAE, Oman and the USA.

Bart joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2000 to help set up operations and develop the first programs. After a 7-year break he rejoined KnowledgeWorkx in 2011 and is currently responsible for Product Development and in particular the development of our Discovery Tools (Three Colors of Worldview and CMi)

Bart is married to a lovely American lady and with their two kids they reside in Dubai. Together they have a passion for equipping intercultural marriages through their business, n-Culture.


Caleb Strauss

Communication & Community Officer

Caleb is passionate about using intercultural intelligence to build bridges and help people communicate empathetically. He has lived outside the US for 17 years, primarily in Kazakhstan, and joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2020. His interests and skills are eclectic, he enjoys reading extensively, dabbling in parkour, and good conversations with good people.

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Matt Trenchard

Co-Founder and CEO of NPCA, a Past President of ICF Dubai chapter

Matt is an internationally credentialed Professional Certified Coach of 10 years’ experience Matt  works with both multinational and Gulf organizations to help their people grow in their self-knowledge and, in doing so, discover their intended greatness. He is the co-founder and a lead faculty for North Point Coaching Academy, and  have in excess of 700 hours of coaching experience.


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George Kesselaar

Partner at Gulf Rivers Solutions

PhD Candidate at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town, investigating antecedents to change supportive behavior during large-scale organizational change interventions through a structuration lens of worldview universals. Seasoned corporate transformation specialist with deep experience in managing strategic change, human resources transformation, high-performance learning journeys, and executive compensation in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. 

Passionate about facilitating positive behavior change in people!

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