KnowledgeWorkx also has a foundation

  • To prepare each generation of world changers, peacemakers, and visionary innovators
  • Developing global learning communities
  • A Global Sense of Purpose that enables each person to build a stronger team

KnowledgeWorkx started a foundation in order to help us give forward. Your gift to partner with the KnowledgeWorkx Foundation in building Global Intelligence can change lives, peoples, groups, agencies, and nations. You can give to the full work of the Foundation or share with us your preference on how your gift will be used (see the 4 ways, below left).
  • [A country’s] leadership and national security rest on our commitment to educate and prepare our youth for active engagement in the international community. I call on schools, teachers, students, parents, and community leaders to promote understanding of our nations and cultures by encouraging our young people to participate in activities that increase their knowledge of and appreciation for global issues, languages, history, geography, literature, and the arts of other countries.

    Former President G.W. Bush
  • KnowledgeWorkx provides a very helpful launching pad for improving our inter-cultural relationships.

    Africa Worker
  • KnowledgeWorkx are undoubtedly world class experts in strategic HR planning. One could not have a more valuable ally.

  • Very powerful material that will forever change the way you communicate and interact.

    Middle East University
  • The course has been particularly useful in helping me better understand our multicultural audience and more importantly, how to develop specific messages that will resonate with each of them. I intend to share what I have learned!

    Dubai Strategic Team
  • This workshop gave me the tools necessary to provide solutions in coaching others on adapting to new situations.

  • The information presented in the ICI workshop is invaluable for anyone working in a multicultural environment.

    Women’s College
  • The world is round but strangely we continue to live in boxes. Our mindsets, our tribal loyalties, our fixations…we remain bounded to a tribal, almost primitive, worldview. KnowledgeWorkx is the human technology to break out!

    CEO, Singapore
  • Great input. Thanks for shaping a new direction...A lot of homework for us to do after this workshop.

    Emirates Airlines
  • Cultural intelligence should be an integral part of the training and development process for any expat or employee of a global organization.

    Aviation Trainer
  • A stimulating and revealing new look at something we never know as well as we think we do.

    College Faculty
  • The sessions made me stop for a moment and analyze my own behaviour and deconstruct some opinions and pre-conceived ideas.

  • This experience peeled back another layer in how to understand and come to terms with culture’s impact on people and organizations.

    Course Participant
  • I wish I had this long ago.

    Course Participant, Arab Peninsula
  • I hope the message from this workshop becomes the norm in our company.

    Ernst & Young

our mission

The mission of KnowledgeWorkx Foundation is to serve as a grant-making foundation for the Majority World in developing global learning communities through Personal Identity, Inter-Cultural Intelligence, and a Global Sense of Purpose that enables each person to build a stronger team and grow a global workspace; to prepare each generation of world changers, peacemakers, and visionary innovators who always have the world's peoples and cultures in mind.


The non-profit KnowledgeWorkx Foundation exists to drive the growth of resources for Global Teaching, Learning, Consulting, and Coaching for Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) as used by the main organization, KnowledgeWorkx FZE, for Global Companies, Non-Profits, Families, Teams, Schools, Universities, NGO’s, and more.

This Foundation is a public charity that is designed to help develop greater tools and make the ICI materials accessible to more groups and peoples around the world. ICI enables individuals to understand their own cultural worldview and how it impacts their behaviors, expectations, and relationships with others.

Thus, it serves to help us all navigate in and out of diverse cultural contexts with flexibility and strength while adapting and building a "3rd Culture Global Workspace" where all cultural strengths are blended together. The foundation brings together donors, schools, agencies, families, and people who seek to grow in their understanding of themselves, their cultural skills, and true global leadership. Thus, the foundation seeks funding that will help sponsor groups in the Majority World that request the training but cannot afford the essential resources or trainer; it helps to underwrite accurate resource development, and increasingly match the investment of schools and families as we collaborate and train generations of global leaders through our schools and universities with KnowledgeWorkx curriculum.


There are four key investments you can make to serve the needs that arrive on the KnowledgeWorkx doorstep seeking assistance, training, coaching, and consulting for Global Leadership, Inter-Cultural Intelligence, and Team Dimensions. Join Us Below!

  • A Matching Gift for an Education Journey Group

    Around the world students in international, private, and public Schools are being selected for a two-year journey (one class session per week for a group of 20 students for two school years ) in KnowledgeWorkx’s Global Leadership Curriculum. Your gift will combine with the school’s investment and the contribution from each parent to provide the full cost for the two-year “journey group” as we seek to identify and develop the next generation of Global Leaders. Every year, in each school, a two-year student journey group begins under the leadership of a certified school staff member.

  • Becoming a Collaboration Sponsor

    Major corporations can fully cover the costs of taking their staff through the extensive Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) training course offered by KnowledgeWorkx that builds global intelligence and equips staff for a globalized workspace. However, many Universities, NGO’s, Regional People Groups, Networks, and Executives in remote or Majority World locations cannot afford the cost of bringing in a trainer and coach, attending a training Course, obtaining the resources, and receive the ongoing coaching. Your Sponsorship Gift will allow us to collaborate and aid these remote needs and serve them with the same excellence and need as seen in the for-profit industry.

  • Develop Vital Program and Products that Assess and Train

    With any learning course and ever-changing world views, the books, resources, texts, manuals and assessments created by KnowledgeWorkx must constantly grow, improve, and become validated to serve each person with the best materials possible for their global workspace. In addition, by putting our assessment tools on the web we can serve more locations through eLearning. We not only wish to fill each person’s toolbox with excellent tools, but also give them the essential tools to build new resources for their own culture, people, or nation.

  • Underwriting a Key Global Influencer

    As we move from nation to continent, from village to city, from the tribal environment to the corporate world, there are key leaders that seek to be trained to make a profound impact in their sphere of influence as an educator, national leader, or corporate executive. However, time, distance, and small numbers of leaders in any given place makes it impossible to reach them so KnowledgeWorkx seeks to bring these key leaders to a central training location and create in the them the skills to be a “site coach” for their people, company, and nation. Underwriting this training can become a huge influence for decades. Also, through these gifts you are underwriting teachers who will become the school's coaches but cannot afford the flight, course tuition, and lodging.

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