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Our Framework

We are thought leaders in developing Culturally Agile people and organizations! ​

Through profound and practical insights in human behavior we empower you to develop people, equip high-performing teams and transform your organizational DNA for a global world.​

We believe everything is connected and can't be addressed in isolation. Every change we pursue has a ripple effect that needs to be anticipated.​

This is why we use Whole Systems Analysis combined with our Inter-Cultural Intelligence framework. This allows us to collaborate with you to maintain a holistic view while at the same time moving into the future in an interculturally validated manner.​

We partner closely with our clients to design tailored solutions and programs. We use an iterative design approach and 'way-find' with you to ensure the most transformative outcome! When things don't work, we are quick to reframe and adjust. We integrate learning and knowledge transfer into all our projects and learning journeys to ensure that you will be equipped to continue the journey on your own long after the project is completed. 

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