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Virtual ICI Certification FBO

Venue : Online

Inter-Cultural Intelligence Journey for Participants serving with a

Faith-Based Organization

Become an Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certified Practitioner!

This ICI Certification for Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) is by invitation only.

Anyone joining this Certification Cohort will receive a special discount of 30% - bringing the cost down from $3400 to $2380.

Cost: $2380


The Virtual Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Journey allows you to get certified from the comfort of your home to deliver the Inter-Cultural Intelligence suite of products.


The Goal


Starting with the most fundamental question, “What is culture?”, you will be trained to collaborate with teams and individuals to discover, create and multiply the culture they want to inhabit: a culture that is thoughtfully informed by the Three Colors of Worldview and the Cultural Mapping Inventory.


The Skill


We tend to think of culture as a set of norms that differ from one nation to another. It feels daunting, even impossible, to memorize a list of Do’s and Don’ts for each different group we encounter.


What if, instead, we could peer below the surface to understand how behaviors are created and interpreted in every culture around the world – and make that understanding an instinct? The ICI Certification Journey teaches the tools that develop inter-cultural intelligence into an instinct.


The Journey


Culture is personal. Beyond national culture, organizational culture, or family culture, everyone has a “self-culture” that drives their cultural value and preferences. When we approach people in this way, we set ourselves up for relational success.


Perspective is everything. Worldviews operate invisibly 24/7. In Western society, following the rules is of utmost importance. Elsewhere, relationships can outrank the rules––causing deep hurt & confusion.  How do we solve these issues? By understanding the Three Colors of Worldview®: Honor/Shame, Innocence/Guilt, and Power/Fear.


Behavior is elastic. Is direct speech harsh? Is indirect speech sneaky? The same behavior in two different cultures can mean the opposite thing. By learning and practicing the 12 Dimensions of the Cultural Mapping Inventory, we can successfully interpret and produce behaviors that send the messages we intend, every time.


The Certification​


Sessions are live. The ICI Certification Journey is conducted through 10 live sessions (90-minutes each) and is fully supported with eLearning, pre- and post- session work and assignments to be completed between the sessions.


Learning is by “crawling, walking, then running.” The journey is assembled and fully supported on the Promote learning platform and follows Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff’s methodology of High Performing Learning Journeys (HPLJ).


Friendships are formed. The cohorts are small, allowing for deep discussion.


Graduation is practice. The certification is completed with a “Graduation Project” designed by you – coaching 5 people or creating a workshop with 10 people using the tools and methodologies learnt during the ICI Certification Journey.

Tools are in your toolbox. You will receive your personal Three Colors of Worldview and 12 Dimensions of Culture reports, as well as a digital Facilitator’s Kit (Handouts, PowerPoints, Videos, Case Studies and other useful information) to complete the certification requirements.


Learning Outcomes


During the journey, you will be able to:

  • Define culture, explain its origins and illustrate how it is shaped.

  • Describe the concept of “self-culture.”

  • Explain the importance of a “Third Cultural Space.”

  • Categorize Describing, Interpreting, and Reacting as three distinct stages of interaction and model the DIR Tool for others.

  • Compare and contrast a cultural learner with a cultural critic.

  • Practice intercultural listening skills.

  • Articulate each cultural worldview and the attributes of each.

  • Describe your personal cultural worldview.

  • Lead others in identifying their cultural worldviews, cultural values and preferences.

  • Examine the way your cultural preferences impact your relationship with others.

  • Confidently and correctly interpret and produce behaviors that are not personally preferred in order to connect better with others.

  • Lead teams into meaningful conversations guided by the Three Colors Group Report.

  • Describe the Four Pillars of Intercultural Teams in light of the Three Colors of Worldview.

  • Lead teams into meaningful conversations guided by the Cultural Mapping Inventory Group Report.

  • Describe the Four Pillars of Intercultural Teams in light of the Cultural Mapping Inventory.

  • Confidently design & implement graduation project.

  • Aspire to embody the hallmarks of an ICI Practitioner.

This cohort (10 September – 26 November 2024) is especially for NGOs and faith-based individuals and organizations.  The format of this program for Faith-Based Organizations has the same content as the commercial ICI Certification, but all participants are working in a ministry-related field. A group exclusively for FBOs makes it possible to talk freely about work/ministry/calling-related issues.


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Want to learn more?



Download the In-depth Introduction to the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Virtual Certification Journey.

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"The ICI Certification is what we need in this era of globalization. Basing our actions on generalizations about other cultures is no longer adequate when we interact daily with people different than us. This course gives you the tools to understand human behavior and fluidly adjust to the needs of the moment. Warning though, you'll never unsee the 3 Colors of Worldviews once you put on those glasses."

Travis Hall, Leadership Coach

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