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Virtual ICI Certification Journey
Starting Date: Apr 10, 2023

We need a new way of engaging with cultural differences.

At KnowledgeWorkx we believe that each person has their own unique cultural preferences.

In the last 20 years our work in over 70 countries has resulted in a research based and practical framework supported by a robust assessment methodology. This equips people with cultural agility and creates resonant organizational cultures where people experience equity and belonging.


Since 2006 we have certified hundreds of ICI practitioners working in Multinational Corporations, NGOs, Educational Institutions, and small businesses. Certified ICI Practitioners utilize their certification through coaching, consulting, advisory work, training, teaching, and lecturing.

The ICI Certification will equip you to:

  1. Use our perception management toolbox to engage your cultural world at a deeper level

  2. Gain a deeper understanding of your personal cultural preferences

  3. Understand and navigate any culturally diverse situation

  4. Assess and align processes and systems to enhance their intercultural resilience

  5. Equip people, teams, and organizations with cultural agility

  6. Develop resonant cultures of equity and belonging

Our Certification course will equip you with the tools and framework to develop your

own cultural agility. You will become the cultural expert in your organization with a

robust set of cultural training tools to equip those around you and transform your


Starting Date: Apr 10, 2023

Venue: Online


A 20% discount on the course fee of US $3,400 is offered, reducing the investment to US$ 2,720.00 per person including Facilitator Kit. 

Contact us for details.

You can learn how to deal with any cultural challenge with a transformational, respectful and culturally aware approach.  You can make sure you never have hopelessly unproductive cultural conflict again!


What can I expect from the Certification experience:

  • Cohort size: Small intimate cohorts allowing deep discussion.

  • Time: 10 Live 90-minute sessions led by Marco Blankenburgh, bringing you 20+ years of experience leading cultural training for multinational corporations, NGOs, and Educational Institutions.

  • Where: Virtual, so you can get certified from the comfort of your home.

  • Platform: The journey will be on the Promote learning platform and following Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff’s methodology of High Performing Learning Journeys (HPLJ).

  • Practical Application: Before you complete your certification, you will have worked with 10 people applying the tools and methodologies you will learn.


What do I get?

  • 2 Personalized Self-Culture Assessments

  • Digital Facilitator’s Kit (Cultural Activities, Handouts, PowerPoints, Videos, Case Studies, and other useful information)

  • Certification to administer 3 Colors of Worldview and Culture Mapping inventory Assessments

  • Certification to deliver engaging and transformative cultural training both virtually and in-person using KnowledgeWorkx’ framework and tools

Workshop Summary & Impact areas

The Certification Journey will equip participants with the relevant framework to understand and effectively apply the ICI suite of products in their various organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

During the journey, you will:

  • Develop intercultural competencies and apply the ICI framework to design a personal development journey

  • Be able to successfully deal with individual and organizational intercultural challenges

  • Learn how to flourish both personally and organizationally in a global workspace

  • Define the building blocks required to create a third cultural workspace and align intercultural teams for enhanced collaboration and productivity

"The training got the team closer to each other after understanding each other worldview and also how to work accordingly in the future with minimal conflict and to respect each other background."

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