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Mark your calendar for the 2023 International Agility Summit!


November 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The 2023 Summit will empower you to impact your world with Intercultural Agility as you engage with stories from ICI Practitioners around the world.  


Hear the latest updates and exciting news from KnowledgeWorkx, including updated presentation materials, pitch decks and more.


On Sunday, November 5, Marco has planned a Desert Adventure for ICI Practitioners that attend the Summit in Dubai!


Cost for attendance at the Summit is $200 per person in Dubai.


Cost is $50 for virtual attendance.

See the agenda below.

The Conference Agenda

Day 1 (Thursday, November 2)- 8am to 5pm(GMT + 4):

  • OPTIONAL High Performing Intercultural Teams (HPIT) Certification: Receive your Certification in facilitating HPIT Journeys for Teams, with Marco Blankenburgh as your instructor

  • Cost for the Certification is $550 per participant

  • Must be an ICI Practitioner to participate

Day 2 (Friday November 3)- 3pm to 9pm (GMT + 4):

  • 3 pm – Welcome Reception for ICI Practitioners

  • 4 pm – Practitioners Workshop Activity

  • 5 pm – Welcome Address – Marco Blankenburgh and the KWx Team

  • 6 pm – The Relational Impact of Intercultural Agility – Bart Heiligenberg

  • 7 pm – A Career Journey with Intercultural Agility – Hasan Rafiq

  • 8 pm – Women, Inequality, and Intercultural Agility – Melanie LaPointe


Day 3 (Saturday, November 3)- 3pm to 9pm (GMT + 4):

  • 3 pm – Practitioner Presentations

  • 4 pm – Intercultural Question Book Game

  • 5 pm – NEW Three Colors Report and Coaching Demo – Marco Blankenburgh and Bart Heiligenberg

  • 6 pm – The Impact of IA in Latin America – Panel Discussion

  • 7 pm – The Impact of IA on Coaching Relationships – Sara Anthony

  • 8 pm – The Impact of Power – Ming Jinn Tong

Day 4 (Sunday, November 5)- 3pm to 9pm (GMT + 4):

  • Desert Adventure for all Summit attendees!

  • Dune-bashing, desert picnic, bonfire, and memories with fellow ICI Practitioner s to last a lifetime 


Marco Blankenburgh

International Director


Marco is the founder and director of KnowledgeWorkx and a true global citizen having lived in 6 and worked in over 70 countries. Marco has a deep and practical understanding of what it takes to develop Interculturally Agile people and organizations. He finds his inspiration for developing new solutions in the outdoors, woodcraft and music.

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Ming-Jinn Tong

KnowledgeWorkx Global Partner

Ming-Jinn is the founder of Cultivate. He’s a trained interculturalist that speaks three languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish) and is raising three kids with his wife, Catherine, in Northeast Minneapolis. The aim of his life is to help every person around him to flourish in all that they do.

Ming-Jinn Headshot Gray_edited.jpg

Bart Heiligenberg

Senior Consultant – KnowledgeWorkx
Bart was born and raised in the Netherlands and has since lived in Egypt, the UAE, Oman and the USA.
He joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2000 to help set up operations and develop the first programs. After a 7-year break he rejoined KnowledgeWorkx in 2011 and is currently responsible for Product Development and in particular the development of our Discovery Tools (Three Colors of Worldview and CMi).  He keeps himself grounded by coaching  and facilitating Cultural Agility workshops. 
Bart is married to a lovely American lady and with their two kids they reside in Dubai. Together they have a passion for equipping intercultural marriages through their business, [n-Culture](


Hasan Rafiq

Hasan has worked as a senior Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) leader at some of the world's largest companies, including Ernst & Young and Facebook.

Most recently, Hasan was the VP of the Organizational Development Center of Excellence at Newsela, where he drove the company's strategies for the integration of diverse perspectives and experiences into the building of an inclusive culture, and development of equitable policies.

Melanie LaPointe

Mélanie brings 13 years of experience in Learning & Development in the financial, banking, insurance, education, entertainment, governments and non-profit sectors across North America, Europe & MENAT. An expert in Diversity & Inclusion related topics including Gender Issues & Intercultural Communication, Mélanie operated as Instructional Design Consultant, Leadership Facilitator & Project Manager. Highly passionate and committed to make a difference by helping to fully leverage the skills and talents of all, driving the people's strategy to create and develop programmes and initiatives that foster an open and inclusive environment to attract, develop, and promote a rich workforce is her driver.

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High Performing Intercultural Teams Journey Certification

On November 2, 2023, you are invited to participate in an 8-hour, intensive High Performing Intercultural Teams (HPIT) Facilitative Certification. A HPIT Journey is designed to develop a team’s cultural agility and equips them with the skills to develop a powerful intercultural team charter. When completing the HPIT Certification, you will learn how to facilitate a full HPIT journey.  The HPIT typically takes 4 – 6 months and has a number of sprints along the way. At the start of the journey, we assess the current state of the team which is followed by a Cultural Agility development workshop.


Join fellow ICI Practitioners

for this exciting day of training and take your ICI knowledge to the next level!

High Performing Intercultural Teams®
Using Three Colors of Worldview and 12 Dimensions of Culture

Register For The Summit
Are you an ICI Practitioner & how will you attend?

Note: An HPIT Certification day is only for ICI Practitioners attending in-person.


Thanks for registering!

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