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November 23, 2014

The New KnowledgeWorkx Foundation is Launched!

The New KnowledgeWorkx Foundation is Launched!

The world of Global Leaders and people with Inter-Cultural Intelligence just added a new avenue for you to make a global difference!

In 2014, Forbes Magazine led the discussion with the provocative article, “The Urgent Need to Develop Global Leaders for Company Growth.” The article directly identified the lack of well-trained “global leadership” as the major constraint for global growth in schools, companies, NGO’s, non-profits, and executive leadership. In the next 3 years 70% of all larger companies will seek to have a global footprint. By 2018 it is estimated that 60% of today’s senior high school students will either be working overseas or have a global role within their company.

Since 2002 KnowledgeWorkx has been pioneering the goal of “building global intelligence” through Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) training, education, coaching, and consulting. The growth has been rapid and now encompasses not only major corporations, but has added Global Leadership Training in schools and universities with KnowledgeWorkxED, and is seeking to expand into areas of work-n-culture, families-n-culture, and vocation-n-culture.

In October 2014 the KnowledgeWorkx Foundation (KWxF) was launched with offices in the Netherlands and the USA. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide philanthropic funding, giving, and grants in order for people, families, schools, and corporations to make ICI, Global Leader Training, and all the resources and assessments tools available to anyone who seeks to grow in global intelligence on every continent.

Your gift to KWxF enables KnowledgeWorkx to serve schoolteachers or smaller corporations that cannot afford to send a trainer to the certification programs. Your gift expands the pool of trained and certified global leadership for the 21st Century. Through sponsorship, matching grants, underwriting key national influencers, or helping the assessment tools be used for free, your gift answers the question raised in the Forbes Magazine article, “At what age shall we start developing Global Leaders?” Help us to begin that process now. Visit our foundation page for information and to donate to this growing worldwide opportunity.

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