Monday, 14 November 2016 00:01

Case in Point, Pt 3

It may surprise you to learn what these colleagues found out about themselves as individuals and as a team when they studied Inter-Cultural Intelligence together. They certainly were surprised!

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Friday, 30 September 2016 00:41

Case in Point, Pt. 2

A multinational corporation’s recruitment team is experiencing firsthand the benefits of having in-house colleagues who had participated in Inter-Cultural Intelligence certification training.

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Thursday, 15 September 2016 00:43

Case in Point, Pt 1

This past May, a multinational corporation’s recruitment team experienced firsthand the benefits of having someone in-house who has been trained in Inter-Cultural Intelligence and in how to facilitate ICI workshops.

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Although most of KnowledgeWorkx’s Inter-Cultural Intelligence certification workshops are conducted in the UAE or Europe, the southeastern USA has now been graced twice in recent months—in March and July 2016.

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Eyes Opened to Intercultural Issues (and Hope) at March 2016’s ICI Certification Training in Atlanta

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As an investment in your coaches and a tool for your corporate training toolbox, ICI Certification soon shows its value in a number of ways.

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The ultimate end goal is transformation. The ICI Certification journey could potentially be a long-overdue brain-rewiring.

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KnowledgeWorkx brings a powerful, holistic philosophy to its Everything DiSC Certification process, including Team Dimensions and Time Mastery. Over three days, you will be exposed to a way of thinking that has proven to be the best way to understand people-development in inter-cultural settings.

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Our open certification event in May 2015 drew a number of consulting and coaching professionals. Together they explored the ICI framework and challenged each other to help their colleagues and others thrive in a global world.

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KnowledgeWorkx is a leading provider of Wiley assessment tools, and we are excited to work with the third generation of Everything DiSC®.

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