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Advanced Benefits of Creating a Third Cultural Space

Updated: May 12, 2023

Part 3 of 3, Corporate Cultural Space Series

Improvements to your HR processes and decision making, and re-visiting behavior.

Improved recruitment techniques make for better candidates

In the global workforce it is not difficult to find technical skills. Finding the right passion, attitude and pre-displayed behavioral traits that the organization wants to pursue however is.

When vision, mission, values have been defined and when everybody is clear on what the value words mean, and what behavior is and is not acceptable, the organization can start to define what behavioral interviewing needs to take place to verify if people would be a good fit, from a behavioral perspective, in the organization.

By formulating these and integrating them into the recruitment process, you can ensure the recruitment of the right people, based on behavioral traits that they have already displayed.

Faster integration of new employees and increased retention

Creating a Third Cultural Space makes integration easier and talent retention easier. They are part of the organization; there is more clarity on what is expected from them, what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

It is no longer a personal opinion if a certain behavior is acceptable or not. The organization has decided that this is the culture, this 3rd cultural space that they want to create together. Employees who are recruited with this in mind are able to integrate easily and feel that they belong and are therefore more likely to stay with the organization.

Improved decision making

Clearly defined behaviors make it much easier to go through a decision making process. If I follow an employee around for a week and you claim integrity is part of your values, what behavior for example should I be looking for in terms of what is positive and what is negative related to integrity?

If I know that integrity means not falsifying information, then I know that bending the truth on my sales commission sheet is not acceptable. By the same token integrity could mean that we do what we say we will do regardless of terms and conditions that customers may miss. So if we said we’ll take returns then we should do that even if the customer has ignored that they shouldn't open the product if they wish to return it.

Once we have gone through this process employees are able to make decisions based on acceptable behavior in new or familiar scenarios ensures faster decision-making.

These are just some of the few ways in which Creating a Third Cultural Space can positively impact your organization. To find out more view our other articles from the series:

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