Who We Are

We are a consulting company with Inter-Cultural Intelligence at our core.

With ICI at the core, we take an innovative approach that delivers a more accurate analysis, which results in integrated and more effective solutions.

We work with you to identify your needs and then design solutions to meet your challenges. Our solutions are innovative, and incorporate our global expertise applied in locally relevant ways integrated through a combination of CONSULTING, COACHING and CERTIFICATIONS. We build sustainable success.

The founders of KnowledgeWorkx started the company because they consistently found themselves doing cultural advising while consulting on strategic planning. One could not be separated from the other. Thus KnowledgeWorkx was launched with a vision to create a new framework for understanding problems and creating solutions. One that is accurate, integrated and innovative. Since its inception, KnowledgeWorkx products have evolved and been tested in close to 70 countries on five continents, and proven to be globally effective.

  • To enhance organizations' people, systems, and health for sustainable success, by making cutting-edge global expertise relevant to local contexts through the integration of consulting, learning, and coaching.

  • To be the globally preferred choice for interculturally intelligent consulting, coaching and learning.

  • Transformation through inter-cultural wisdom that leads to personal growth and knowledge transfer

    Excellence through serving people and organizations to help them succeed

    Integrity through a commitment to personal and corporate honesty and loyalty

    Relationships through partnership, sharing, respect and upholding commitments to people

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