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About Us

We are a consulting company with Inter-Cultural Intelligence at our core.

Our Team




Marco is the founder and director of KnowledgeWorkx and a true global citizen having lived in 6 and worked in over 70 countries. Marco has a deep and practical understanding of what it takes to develop Culturally Agile people and organizations. He finds his inspiration for developing new solutions in the outdoors, woodcraft and music.

International Director




Ara joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2017, fresh out of university. Being a skilled chess player, he is a problem-solver at heart and enjoys a good challenge - at KnowledgeWorkx, he has plenty of opportunities for both. Having lived outside his home country for 11 years, Ara is passionate about Inter-Cultural Intelligence and helping others succeed in our global world.

Consultant & Learning Architect


Shelley Reinhart

Shelley is an experienced educator and is passionate about understanding students from a personality and cultural perspective. She  joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2019, after becoming a certified ICI Practitioner. Shelley is a vocalist and a mother of three teenage girls, so she gets daily practice in relating to teens (but they don’t appreciate when she sings to them).  Her passport is from the USA, but Shelley loves all things inter-cultural and enjoys the diversity in Dubai.

Global Network Liaison & Director of Education


Bart Heiligenberg

Bart first joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2000 and helped laying the foundation for of the ICI curriculum. After a 6-year absence, he rejoined in 2011 and now specializes in the non-profit sector and Product Development. Being in an intercultural marriage, Bart has a passion for helping others thrive in their intercultural marriage. Outside of work, he enjoys photography, biking and road-trips with his family.

Senior Executive



Steve is a passionate and energetic educational manager. With an MA TEFL, he has over 30 years’ experience in the field, building courses and teaching in both corporate and educational contexts across Asia, The Middle East, and the UK. He became a Certified ICI Practitioner at KnowledgeWorkx in 2013 and has enjoyed managing and teaching courses in ICI since then.

Senior Executive




Rosalind joined KnowledgeWorkx in Dubai in 2010 – having lived internationally for a large part of her life and having raised 2 third culture kids, she understands the value of ICI first-hand  and the impact it can have on the next generation. She has a variety of roles in KnowledgeWorkx in managing the Administration of the office and supporting our team.

Office Manager


Nita Rodrigues

Over the last 10 years as part of the KnowledgeWorkx team, Nita has applied her own intercultural experiences to help facilitate Client Services. In doing so, she liaises with individuals and corporates to organize training sessions, collects and provides feedback of the usage of our assessments, and also provides around-the-clock administrative assistance.

Client Services

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Caleb is passionate about using intercultural intelligence to build bridges and help people communicate empathetically. He has lived outside the US for 17 years, primarily in Kazakhstan, and joined KnowledgeWorkx in 2020. His interests and skills are eclectic, he enjoys reading extensively, dabbling in parkour, and good conversations with good people.

Communication & Community officer




Rajitha became part of our KnowledgeWorkx Dubai team in 2018, and quickly became an integral part of our Research & Development core team–using practical new ideas and a lot of creativity, she has made significant contributions toward product development for KnowledgeWorkx. She is especially skilled at taking our abstract concepts and turning them into tangible realities!

Research & Development

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Leading remotely distributed team that creates and delivers online apps, services, and content for the online community. Projects include taking cultural assessments online; and coding the generation of personalized reports with unique graphs and content.

Online Development & Service

Our Partners

Ming-Jinn Headshot Gray_edited.jpg

Ming-Jinn Tong

Ming-Jinn is a seasoned communicator with a deep love for walking with intercultural organizations as they discover their full, robust potential. Believing that each individual will flourish as they are more deeply understood & increasingly skilled at making healthy connections, Ming-Jinn aims to draw out the very best in those around him. He and his family live in Minneapolis, MN, where he has founded Cultivate & Hot Wok Academy.

KnowledgeWorkx Global Partner

The world is a complex place and only if we elevate our thinking, speaking and acting are we able to sustain ongoing relational and transactional success!​


Over the last 20 years KnowledgeWorkx has developed solutions that are global, locally relevant, holistic and practical. Our innovative approach delivers more accurate analysis, which results in integrated and more effective solutions. To accomplish this we use our Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) framework and assessments. ​


Our solutions create a progressive and natural connect between national, personal, team and organizational culture. ​We believes that: "Organizational culture is the sumtotal of the expression of the thinking, speaking and acting of its contributors." ​

This is why it is crucial to use tools to map the personal cultural preferences of your contributors to illuminate the foundational building blocks for personal, team and organizational development.​


We believe that blended solutions result in sustainable success. To accomplish this we integrate Consulting, Coaching, Learning & Development and Certification to create tailored solutions that combine in-person and virtual engagement.​

Our Drivers

Transformation: through early transfer of knowledge resulting in advanced people skills and development of Cultural Agility​

Excellence: through ongoing product development based on continuous feedback; equipping people and organizations for relational success

Integrity: by offering solutions that are applicable in all spheres of life and through a commitment to personal and corporate honesty and loyalty

Relationship: through ongoing partnership, sharing of knowledge, respect and upholding commitments to people

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