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Everybody has their own unique cultural wiring; what if you could tap into it?


KnowledgeWorkx defines corporate culture as the sum total of the thinking, speaking, and acting of everybody involved in that organization.Together we can:

  • Strengthen teams

  • Deepen coaching engagements

  • Manage stakeholders

  • Improve performance

  • Improve communication

  • Enrich teams & corporate culture

  • Increase customer engagement

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To help you navigate a global world, we place Inter-Cultural Intelligence
at the core of our framework.

Are you an individual looking to:

GCI(Global Competencies Inventory) by Kozai Group &

IES(International Effectiveness Scale)

GCI( Global Competencies Inventory) by Kozai Group

Measure leadership competencies of managers and global leaders in areas essential to interacting and working effectively with people from different cultures.

The GCI examines three major areas:

  • Perception Management: How much inquisitiveness, tolerance for ambiguity, and non-judgmentalness does one bring to intercultural experiences

  • Relationship Management: How well does an individual develop and maintain effective relationships with people from other cultures

  • Self Management: How well does an individual manage the stresses associated with working in a culturally diverse environment

International Effectiveness Scale


The Kozai Group’s International Effectiveness Scale (IES) used in conjunction with KnowledgeWorkx Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Framework helps when someone is thrust into an environment where others’ cultural views are different from one’s own.

This instrument is used primarily by non-profit organizations, including government agencies and educational institutions for:

  • Pre-& post- measurements for changes in intercultural competencies (used in higher education for accreditation purposes)

  • Global management, human resource management, cross-cultural communication & diversity courses to increase student awareness & self-analysis for improvement

  • Intercultural competency needs assessment for training design or organizational diversity initiatives

Are you an individual looking for coaching options?

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Join our Certificate in Intercultural Coaching program which is designed to equip you with a structured method to coach inter-culturally.


With the completion of the certification you will also receive:

  • 73 ICF CCEUs (43 Core Competency and 30 Resource Development hours) ​​

  • Can be used towards achieving the next level (e.g. ACC to PCC) of your ICF Credential

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Learn how to ask and answer tough questions

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Our consulting processes uses ICI like a spotlight on your core processes, systems, and disciplines within your organization.

We focus on four key areas

Globalizing your DNA

Mergers and Acquisitions

HR alignment for a global world

Organizational Strategic Alignment

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