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Culture-o-metric assessments

Our Culture-o-metric tools are making culture personal. Although nationality, ethnicity or race are very important macro-identifiers, it is crucial to step back and answer the question: "What are my personal cultural preferences and how do they influence my thinking, speaking and acting?"​

This is what the "Three Colors of Worldview" discovery tool and the "Cultural Mapping inventory" are designed to do for individuals and teams alike!​

Our tools provide a neutral language that make it easier and less emotive to talk about cultural behavioral preferences. This results in deep insights, powerful conversations and practical ways to grow and develop Cultural Agility.​

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Inter-Cultural Intelligence products

Our Inter-Cultural Intelligence framework consists of a powerful set of methods and tools which allow you to:

  • develop great intercultural teams

  • equip global leaders

  • manage intercultural stakeholders

  • bridge cultural communication gaps

  • develop global HR practices

  • globalize the DNA of your organization

  • successfully navigate the corporate and intercultural landscape of mergers and acquisitions

The Three Colors of Worldview
Discovery Tool

The Three Colors of Worldview Discovery tool was developed to assist people with a deeper understanding of their own and other people’s cultural drivers, motivators and demotivators. The Three Colors of Worldview are discovered through an online questionnaire and a blended learning approach that could include the following components: eLearning, self-discovery, coaching and group facilitation.

The 12 Dimensions of Culture
Cultural Mapping inventory

The Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMi) assessment tool was developed to assist people with a detailed framework that explains behavior from a cultural perspective. The 12 dimensions of culture that this tools assesses were compiled on the basis of extensive research and in the 12 dimensions KnowledgeWorkx has tried to capture as complete an assessment as possible of the cultural preferences of an individual.

GCI (Global Competencies Inventory) by Kozai Group &

IES (International Effectiveness Scale)

GCI (Global Competencies Inventory) by Kozai Group

Measure leadership competencies of managers and global leaders in areas essential to interacting and working effectively with people from different cultures.

The GCI examines three major areas:

  • Perception Management: How much inquisitiveness, tolerance for ambiguity, and non-judgmentalness does one bring to intercultural experiences

  • Relationship Management: How well does an individual develop and maintain effective relationships with people from other cultures

  • Self Management: How well does an individual manage the stresses associated with working in a culturally diverse environment

International Effectiveness Scale


The Kozai Group’s International Effectiveness Scale (IES) used in conjunction with KnowledgeWorkx Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Framework helps when someone is thrust into an environment where others’ cultural views are different from one’s own.

This instrument is used primarily by non-profit organizations, including government agencies and educational institutions for:

  • Pre-& post- measurements for changes in intercultural competencies (used in higher education for accreditation purposes)

  • Global management, human resource management, cross-cultural communication & diversity courses to increase student awareness & self-analysis for improvement

  • Intercultural competency needs assessment for training design or organizational diversity initiatives

How can we help you?

Ask us how culture-o-metric assessments could help your business or organization; we would be delighted to discuss it with you. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Please contact us.

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