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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower!
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Leaders of today are faced with every growing complexities. Our world needs leaders equipped to leverage all forms of diversity to navigate the complexities and dilemmas of our world!

At KnowledgeWorkx we equip leaders to become global leaders who craft vision, build alignment and champion execution. Leaders who perceive complexity (human and systems) at a deeper level and leaders who lead self and others to succeed and thrive.

We use three focus areas to design bespoke learning and coaching journeys:

  • Perception management

  • Self management

  • Relationship management

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"The ICI Certification is what we need in this era of globalization. Basing our actions on generalizations about other cultures is no longer adequate when we interact daily with people different than us. This course gives you the tools to understand human behavior and fluidly adjust to the needs of the moment. Warning though, you'll never unsee the 3 Colors of Worldviews once you put on those glasses."

Travis Hall, Leadership Coach

Examples of Assessments and Tools

Used in Leadership Development Journeys

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The Three Colors of Worldview Discovery tool was developed to assist people with a deeper understanding of their own and other people’s cultural drivers, motivators and demotivators.

The Three Colors of Worldview are discovered through an online questionnaire and a blended learning approach that could include the following components: eLearning, self-discovery, coaching and group facilitation. Self and other-discovery, reflection and application will allow participants to:

  1. Apply the framework to their own cultural journey and can explain their own cultural drivers, motivators and demotivators using the language of the Three Colors of Worldview

  2. Know how to use the Three Colors of Worldview Framework to more accurately assess individuals, groups and systems/processes

  3. Develop adaptation strategies in one-to-one and group interactions leading to more successful relationships and work and beyond

  4. Apply the Three Colors of Worldview framework to become more effective in key organizational focus areas like: collaboration, communication, client engagement & sales, leadership and teaming.

The Three Colors of Worldview tool was developed in conjunction with the Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMi) assessment.

The Three Colors of Worldview Discovery report is a rich 15-page individual report, which includes a clear guide for action with practical adaptation strategies to engage more effectively in an intercultural world.

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Learn how to ask and answer tough questions

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Our consulting processes uses ICI like a spotlight on your core processes, systems, and disciplines within your organization.

We focus on four key areas

Globalizing your DNA

Mergers and Acquisitions

HR alignment for a global world

Organizational Strategic Alignment

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