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KnowledgeWorkx Education:

Create greater excellence in your school through more effective cross-cultural communication.

KnowledgeWorkxED is a dynamic team of educators who specialize in building Inter-Cultural Intelligence competencies and the leadership skills needed for today’s international schools.

Inter-Cultural Intelligence Portal:

This space is an ultimate resource library for the Intercultural resources available. The ICI portal has


Intercultural Tools, ICI Bookshelf, Intercultural Videos and Articles.


The Certification in Intercultural Coaching is a joint initiative by KnowledgeWorkx and the North Point Academy. It aims to bring together the expertise and the experience of the two companies and help coaches enhance their skills and become Interculturally Agile Coaches.

Are you interested to know more about the intercultural contexts in movies and media? We have a range of video selected from different movies to build our library of videos. These clips demonstrate intercultural situations with description of ICI concepts that apply to them.

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