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Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certifications
Personalized, Specialized, in-depth

The ICI (Inter-Cultural Intelligence) Certification is an intensive journey for equipping participants with the core methods and tools of the ICI development framework. Check out the introduction video below.

In-Person Certification

ICI Certification workshops allow participants to personally experience the power of the ICI tools and methodologies through one-on-one, team, and large-group engagements. We also equip people to use the ICI Framework to analyze systems and environments, to bring clarity and solutions to intercultural challenges wrapped up in organizational systems, processes and policies

The ICI Framework was developed through 20 years of experience working alongside companies, organizations and individuals in multiple industries on five continents. It involves contextual analysis and observation, as well as practical strategies for preventing and resolving intercultural tension and conflict, among other related goals with a wide range of application.

The ICI Framework gives participants a rich and deep language for understanding and shaping cultural environments, while taking the emotional sting out of what are often difficult and loaded issues. Our approach unlocks these conversations and allows coaches and facilitators to take people on a journey that results in tangible changes.

Virtual ICI Certification

The Virtual Inter-Cultural Intelligence Journey is designed to accommodate your busy schedules and allow you to get equipped with Inter-Cultural tools from the comfort of your home, saving a significant amount of money, travel and time.

The journey is assembled and fully supported on the Promote learning platform. The cohorts will be small and intimate, allowing us deep discussions and flexibility in scheduling.

The program includes the following:

  • 10 Virtual Live Sessions (90 minutes per session)

  • Fully supported with eLearning, pre- and post- session homeworks and assignments to be completed as part of the journey (up to 5 hours of pre- and post- work per session)

  • Journey spread over 15 weeks

  • Digital Facilitator’s Kit (Handouts, PowerPoints, Videos, Case Studies and other useful information)


Investment for the Certification

The investment for the ICI Certification Journey is USD 3,400.00 per person including Facilitator Kit. 

(Academic, NGO and Group discounts may be applicable).

Contact us for details.

Certification dates
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Online Event Start Date
In- Person Events

We will be back soon with our face to face certifications.

"Can I figure out the personal cultural preferences of the person in front of me?"

KnowledgeWorkx developed two powerful tools that comprise the core of the ICI framework. Our tools are developed with one purpose in mind: "Can I figure out the personal cultural preferences of the person in front of me?" We believe our globalized and interculturally complex world requires us to be equipped to figure out cultural behaviors and preferences at the personal level; in the moment! In order to accomplish this, we developed two powerful discovery tools:

The Three Colors of Worldview

The Three Colors of Worldview© Discovery Tool gives a deeper understanding of your own and other people’s cultural drivers, motivators and demotivators. Your personal balance of cultural drivers are discovered through a questionnaire (paper-based or online) and a follow-up process of facilitated self and other-discovery, reflection and application. The Three Colors of Worldview© Discovery Tool works hand-in-hand with the 12 Dimensions of the Cultural Mapping Inventory©.

The Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMi)

The CMi provides you with a detailed framework for illuminating behavior in 12 key areas from a cultural perspective. It can be used to analyze both individual and group dynamics through an online assessment and follow-up analysis. The 12 behavioral areas this tool assesses are the KnowledgeWorkx 12 Dimensions of Culture, compiled from our extensive research. These 12 dimensions capture a broad range of a person’s cultural preferences.


To get equipped to figure out cultural behaviors and preferences at the personal level in the moment:

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