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Image by Jason Goodman

High Performing Intercultural Team Journey

  With Four Pillars of Intercultural Teaming using Three Colors of Worldview and
12 Dimensions of Culture
Join our upcoming Cohort.
Pre-work starts 31st Oct 2024

High Performing Intercultural Teams®
Using Three Colors of Worldview and 12 Dimensions of Culture

You are invited to participate for intensive High Performing Intercultural Teams (HPIT) Facilitative Certification.

A HPIT Journey is designed to develop a team’s cultural agility and equips them with the skills to develop a powerful intercultural team charter. When completing the HPIT Certification, you will learn how to facilitate a full HPIT journey. The HPIT typically takes 4 – 6 months and has a number of sprints along the way. At the start of the journey, we assess the current state of the team which is followed by a Cultural Agility development workshop.


Join fellow ICI Practitioners

for this intensive in person HPIT Certification on 31st October and take your ICI knowledge to the next level!

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