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Our Framework

You can create relational success in a diverse and

culturally complex world.


Through our coaching and training we have equipped thousands of people to become relationally successful.

We hope you will join this growing group of world changers.


Our tools will give you a deeper understanding of both the

inter-cultural  and inter-personal sides of human behavior.

Intercultural Spotligt

The Inter-Cultural Spotlight

The inter-cultural Spotlight gives understanding of your personal cultural wiring.

Yes, that’s right – PERSONAL CULTURE.


We are unique cultural human beings.

You bring your unique story, your unique journey into every relationship.

That story is where true connection takes place.


Our inter-cultural spotlight strengthens your ability to go beyond labels

of ethnicity, race, and gender

so you understand more deeply the people around you.

InterPersonal Sportligt

Understanding your own personality preferences is a key tool to truly know yourself and connect deeply with others.


We offer a variety of culturally appropriate psychometric tools to facilitate this journey of self-awareness.

Inter-Personal Spotlight (1).png

The Inter-Personal Spotlight

Not sure which tool is right for you?

Take a look at the ways to grow in:

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