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Cultural Agility

Cultural Agility allows you to read culturally diverse situations on the fly. You can anticipate, correctly interpret and adjust where necessary.

Cultural Agility allows you to read culturally diverse situations on the fly. You can anticipate, correctly interpret and adjust where necessary.

Being Culturally Agile also equips you to intentionally shape culture. In other words, Culturally Agile people are culture creators. The culture they create results in high levels of engagement, connection, and belonging. It allows people to pursue purposeful and meaningful things together.


Becoming Culturally Agile requires a new way of understanding culture; ourselves, others, and the systems, and processes we use to make things happen. This includes acquiring techniques to perceive the world around you in new ways as well as being equipped with a new language to talk about how people are culturally different. People who are Culturally Agile can identify and articulate the WHY of our cultural difference in how we think, speak, and act.

The grid and language we use to develop Cultural Agility is part of the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Methodology and it equips you to conduct accurate cultural people, group and systems analysis.


What do people who practice Inter-Cultural Intelligence say?

  • It makes me less biased and more curious

  • We are more likely to connect based on our common humanity

  • It establishes trust and respect.

  • We connect deeper faster

ICI Practitioners are bridge builders and are uniquely equipped to build culture (we call it the “Third Cultural Space”).

Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) is all about nurturing relational success and creating new cultural spaces with the people around you. To do this well you need to master the Three Meta-Competencies of ICI.

1. Master Fear, Operate in Freedom.

2. See with clarity and remain focused on the greater good of all involved.

3. Navigate Incompatibilities.


Developing Cultural Agility alongside these competencies allows you to:

  • Be a better team player,

  • Enhance your client engagement,

  • Reach higher levels of innovation and creativity,

  • Craft a high-performing team culture, and

  • Navigate the challenges and opportunities of relationships more effectively.

To start developing Cultural Agility, you need to become more contextually aware, taking your observing, hearing, seeing, and understanding to the next level. We do this by equipping you with tools to increase your Perception Management.

Read more about our Framework

Self-Cultural Analysis

Every person is on their own unique cultural journey and as a result has developed their own unique cultural wiring.

Perception Management

A lot of our relational challenges are directly linked to how we perceive ourselves, others, our relationships and the context in which we are trying to connect.

Three Colors of Worldview

The Three Colors of Worldview drivers illuminate and give language to how our cultural thinking, speaking and acting influences our daily interactions with the world around us.

12 Dimensions of Culture

This will equip you with a rich assessment and language to identify your personal cultural preferences. 

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