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Learn how to ask and answer tough questions.

Organizations operate on a global scale through supplies, clients, talent and customers. At the same time the DNA of many organizations is still too connected to the context in which the organization was born. Allow us to take you through a process to globalize the DNA of your organization so that your strategic objectives will be supported by an organizational DNA that allows you to spread your (global) wings.

What makes us different

Virtual and physical globalization are racing forward at a steady pace. The advance of sophisticated collaboration technologies combined with global talent sourcing in every sector, results in the need to develop new ways to tackle organizational challenges.

The increase of talent diversity makes it essential to reinvent the organizational DNA. A DNA that is global enough to attract, develop, grow and engage a diverse talent pool.

Globalizing your organizational DNA touches on many aspect of organizational vitality; HR, corporate culture, Post M&A culture-integration, and developing effective client/supplier engagement across cultures.

We equip you with our globally tested analysis framework to illuminate and implement the best way forward in a given context. This systems approach is supported by our deep and analytical understanding of the four levels of culture (self, team, organization, local).

Our consulting approach will assess current systems and practices and answer the question if they are global enough for future sustainability. Through coaching and learning solutions we will equip you to identify and formulate the what, how and why of adapted and new ways forward. This will allow your people and the organization to thrive in a global and interculturally complex world.

We focus on four key areas

Globalizing your DNA

The geographical footprint of your organization might have recently grown; or maybe it is about the increase significantly? Your organization might be geographically global, but the question you should be asking today is, How global is the DNA or our organization? The KnowledgeWorkx ICI methodology will allow you to assess the DNA of your organization, and identify areas where the DNA needs calibration to better engage your world. This will lead to global practices that resonate locally; and to local practices that will in turn help you to develop the global DNA of your organization.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Most M&A journeys tick the financial and legal boxes; but do they tick the people and corporate culture boxes as well? Conservative failure rates of cross-border M&A's are 30 - 40%; and when Fortune 500 CFOs reflected on the reasons these M&A's went wrong, 45% attributed M&A failure to “unexpected post-deal people problems”. KnowledgeWorkx will journey with you, and will equip key people in your organization with powerful tools to create the 'third cultural space' in an M&A process.

HR alignment for a global world

We used to think that HR practices, policies, and procedures could be designed at headquarter-level and then disseminated to the rest of the world with the global HR team as their custodian. Global market realities require HR to become much more consultative and agile; Inter-Cultural Intelligence is a must!

In order to attract, develop, and retain local talent, it is crucial to calibrate HR practices with local market realities. Also, the local alignment of HR practices is essential for developing a strong organizational culture. Inter-Cultural Intelligence is required to fine-tune behavioral expectations at the local context, while at the same time helping you stay true to the core values of your organization. Carrying this out well is crucial for global and intercultural success.

Organizational Strategic Alignment

The world is moving fast, and it is in a constant state of flux. Change is not something we choose, it is something we need to mindfully practice every day. Have you entered into new markets? Are you planning to enter new markets? Have you or your markets changed? Our ICI lens will allow you to evaluate your strategic alignment between your organization and the markets you operate in. Using ICI throughout our evaluation process, we assist you in your alignment with current, new, or near-future realities.

How Can We Help You?

If you have a question about how ICI could impact your business or organization, we would be delighted to discuss it with you. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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