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Virtual ICI Certification Journey
Starting Date : August 31st, 2021

Venue : Online

The Virtual Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Journey allows you to get certified from the comfort of your home to deliver the Inter-Cultural Intelligence suite of products. Participants will receive their personal Three Colors of Worldview and 12 Dimensions of Culture reports, as well as a digital Facilitator’s Kit (Handouts, PowerPoints, Videos, Case Studies and other useful information) through MyKW to complete their certification.

The certification journey is conducted through 10 live sessions (90-minutes each) and is fully supported with eLearning, pre- and post- session work and a number of assignments to be completed between the sessions. The journey is assembled and fully supported on the Promote learning platform and follows Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff’s methodology of High Performing Learning Journeys (HPLJ). The cohorts will be small and intimate, allowing us deep discussion. The certification is completed by working with 10 people using the tools and methodologies learnt during the journey!

Completing the ICI Certification will certify you to deliver levels 1, 2 and 3 of the ICI Suite of Products. After facilitating groups with a total of 10 participants and submitting your report you may become an officially Certified ICI Practitioner.

Workshop Summary & Impact areas

The Certification Journey will equip participants with the relevant framework to understand and effectively apply the ICI suite of products in their various organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

During the journey, participants will:

• Develop intercultural competencies

• Be able to successfully deal with individual and organizational intercultural challenges

• Learn how to both personally and organizationally flourish in a global workspace

• Be prepared to deliver Levels 1 and 2 of the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Suite of Products, and add value to decisions that involve Level 3 issues

• Define the building blocks required to create a third cultural workspace and align intercultural teams for enhanced collaborations and productivity

• Apply the ICI framework to design their own personal development journey

"The ICI Certification is what we need in this era of globalization. Basing our actions on generalizations about other cultures is no longer adequate when we interact daily with people different than us. This course gives you the tools to understand human behavior and fluidly adjust to the needs of the moment. Warning though, you'll never unsee the 3 Colors of Worldviews once you put on those glasses."

Travis Hall, Leadership Coach

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