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Transform the Way You Understand People

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Become culturally agile:

Adapt confidently to unique cultural situations.

This training has equipped thousands of people with the cultural agility to be relationally successful.


Join this growing group of world changers by:



Personalized, Specialized, In-depth


Receive personalized insights that deepen your understanding of self and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective. 

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Is your team operating in a global

and interculturally complex world?

High Performing Intercultural Teams:

  • Understand the intercultural motivators and demotivators  that individuals bring to the team.​

  • Develop an interculturally aligned team culture.

  • Actively invite and nurture members into the team culture.

  • Use their Team Culture to creatively connect with internal and external stakeholders.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

We're here with prebuilt workshops to help you to take them there.


Leadership Team


We help you develop your team with:

  • Cultural Agility for Leaders

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Everything DiSC Management

  • Strategic Stakeholder Management

  • Global Leadership Competencies​

  • Intercultural Presentation and Communication

Leadership Coaching


Take the next step in your own growth with:

  • Coaching to Develop Global Leadership

  • Performance Coaching

  • Coaching for Cultural Agility

  • Stakeholder Engagement across Culture

  • Cultural Transition Coaching Coaching

Coaching, Consulting & Certifications


Learn how to ask tough questions

We use Inter-Cultural Intelligence to spotlight the core processes, systems, and disciplines within your organization that are hindering your global expansion.

We focus on four key areas:

Globalizing your Company's DNA

Post Mergers and Acquisitions

HR Alignment for a Global World

Organizational Strategic Alignment

Our Framework
You can create relational success in a diverse and culturally complex world.


Our tools will give you a deeper understanding of both the intercultural and interpersonal sides of human behavior.


Listen what People have to say

ICI is the biggest breakthrough in inter-cultural analysis for at least three decades and stands out from all other concepts by being so practical to apply with clients.

Nicolai Tillisch

Award-winning Author and Leadership Coach


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Start connecting with people like never before

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