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ICI Certification Badges

ICI consists of a powerful set of methods and tools and has many ways to have a transformational impact: develop high-performing intercultural teams (including distributed teams), equip global leaders, manage intercultural stakeholders, bridge cultural communication gaps, develop global HR practices, globalize the DNA of your organization, engage clients across borders and successfully navigate the corporate and intercultural landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

Level 1 Champion

Level 1 is focused on inviting people on a journey of becoming an intercultural learner. Much of what we do in level 1 is focused on ‘perception management’; enhancing/changing the way I (culturally) see myself and the world around me… A core element of level 1 is “The Three Colors of Worldview Discovery Tool”.

Level 1 Champion.png

The Level 1 Champion badge is awarded to people who have completed the first stage of the ICI Certification Journey focusing on the Perception Management toolbox including Cultural Learner/Cultural Critic, Perceptions and Patterns and DIR tools, as well as the Three Colors of Worldview.

CIC 01 .png

Certificate in Intercultural Coaching


ICI Consultant

Level 2 Champion.png
Level 2 Practitioner.png

Level 2

High Performing Intercultural Team

Level 1 Champion.png

Over 300 million people live outside the country of their birth and almost 1/3 of the global work force engages across borders on a regular basis (virtually or face-to-face). Our world is interconnected and will require collaborative investment to manage the dilemmas our world is facing! Therefore, we need a new way of equipping ourselves for relational success in a diverse world. preferences in the same way they have a unique personality driven behavioral style. This is why KnowledgeWorkx created the Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) analysis framework and methodologies.

Level 1 Practitioner.png

Level 1

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