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The Next Generation of the Cultural Mapping inventory

Introducing the revamped report

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If you'd like to communicate with your clients about the revamped report, please share the public press release here.

This new edition of the Cultural Mapping inventory equips you to more effectively coach individuals and facilitate groups using the 12 Dimensions of Culture.

The KnowledgeWorkx team worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to create a new Culture Mapping inventory (CMi) report by incorporating feedback and insight from our 600+ practitioner network and close to 14,000 individual reports. This led to improving the assessment questions and the integration of 4 support documents that had been created over the years to assist with unpacking the report and guiding the learner to articulate practical action steps.  Consolidating all this into one powerful report resulted in an expansion of the CMi report from its original 8 pages to 21 pages.


On February 8, 2021 in Deep Dive webinar #10, we unveiled the new report to our network of ICI practitioners and shared how they can use the exciting changes and resources in the new report to improve their client’s experience with the CMi.  

What’s New 

In the new CMi report, the first thing that you will notice is that we updated the formatting to present results in a more accessible manner. Second, instead of having a separate document with questions, we incorporated all that we have learned about coaching and facilitating into 2 blocks of compelling questions. The first block focuses on personal discovery. The second block focuses on improving relational success.  

Third, we created better explanations and definitions for each of the 12 dimensions because it is essential for assessments to clearly describe the boundaries of what they are assessing. Now every dimension has a clear beginning and end showing what is and isn’t measured by the dimensions. 

Fourth, we rewrote the personalized text pieces incorporating all that we have learned over the last few years. This means that when people read the report’s description of their results, they receive a more accurate summary of what their preferences mean. We also created more room for personal reflection in the report to help people articulate action items. 

The change that we are most excited about is the incorporation of the polarity management pages seamlessly into the new report. Over the years, we have continued to enhance these polarity management pages. We added more noticeable behaviors in there and tips and tricks about how to collaborate with people that are different then you. Now, their incorporation into the report has created a helpful section for each one of 12 dimensions that reveals how to connect someone’s behavior with the 12 dimensions report and how to use cultural agility to connect with them.

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People oriented (right box).png

The report culminates on the second to last page with a section that asks, “What am I going to do from a personal growth perspective and what am I going to do in terms of relational effectiveness?” This is the final part in the journey through the report that begins with awareness, then self-discovery and ends with the articulation of specific areas of change. 

That journey through the report is based on our Triple A approach. The first “A” is a new sense of Awareness. As people read through the report, reflect on it, and take notes they develop an awareness of their own self-culture. That leads people to the second “A” which is Accept. Here the report makes people ask, “What are the consequences of this new awareness and am I willing to embrace them?” Lastly, the report brings people to a place where they can begin to Adapt. With this new awareness and willingness to accept the consequences, they think about practical steps toward change. The report asks, “Now what am I going to do with it? How will I adapt my behavior from a personal growth perspective and from a relational effectiveness perspective?” 

All these changes were made to make it easier to facilitate and coach with the CMi report by refining the report and simplifying the number of supplemental documents used. The CMi has become especially important for coaching in 2020, because so much facilitation has become one on one and virtual. So, we 

also launched an ICF endorsed Certificate in Intercultural Coaching to specifically help certified coaches develop cultural agility. (ICI practitioners are entitled to a 20% discount) 

This new 21-page CMi report is a strong tool in coaches' and facilitators’ hands, and we are looking forward to seeing it increase the value of coaching and the transformational value of Inter-Cultural Intelligence in the lives of the those who take it. 

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