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Why We Chose to Revamp Our Culture Mapping Inventory

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

At KnowledgeWorkx we believe that Cultural Agility development is best started with understanding and exploration our own personal culture preferences... That is why we are excited to announce that we are releasing a completely revamped and more robust version of the Culture Mapping inventory (CMi), one of our most dynamic self-cultural analysis tools. We chose to revamp this report, in short, because we have learned a lot over the years. From the thousands of people who have taken the CMi, our 600+ practitioners’ feedback on their use of the report, and our own experience helping clients through it, our understanding of the dimensions of culture has expanded dramatically over the years.

The Challenge

Early on when we first began using the CMi, we realized we needed more support materials for coaches, facilitators, and clients who were using it. This led us to create support documents that helped coaches and facilitators unpack the report. These were helpful to start with, but it meant that anytime someone was working with the CMi report they eventually were working with 4 different documents. There was the report itself, a reader on the 12 dimensions of culture powering the CMi, a growing list of questions to help unpack the report, and 12 polarity management pages that gave tips and tricks to recognize and engage with different preferences on the 12 dimensions.

Once we created those documents, we were in a good but tough position because the more we learned about the use of the 12 dimensions the richer those documents became; however, having it spread out in 4 different documents was not practical. So, we celebrated the fact that we learned a lot and had it all on paper, but we were worried because it was becoming a bit too complicated.

Unfortunately, it was not as simple as copying those support documents into the report. The challenge was our assessment methodology was sitting on a very tightly designed and coded engine. The fixed nature of the engine did not allow us to incrementally change and upgrade the CMi report. We needed to take control of that engine so that we could tweak the way the report was generated and improve the report.

The New Report

So last year, we decided it was time to take the leap and completely revamp the report. We began by conducting a statistical analysis on close to 14,000 reports. This revealed several questions that were not helping with the generation of personal preferences. So, we began our changes by first fixing those questions. We completed that in 2020, and since then hundreds of people have used the new questions.

With the questions all fixed up, we decided we needed to consolidate the 4 supporting documents. So, we took the old report which was 8 pages and added in the supporting documents with all the new things we had learned to turn it all into one rich report. The new report has 21 pages and incorporates everything we learned over the last 18 years.

We are incredibly grateful to our network of facilitators for all their feedback about what worked. All their tips and the things they discovered have filled the new report with rich insight. The improvements are a result crowd sourcing from our network of 600+ practitioners and working together to create something better. The entire process is an expression of our desire to be generous in our network. That generosity has been reciprocal, and the new CMi report is an expression of the generosity of all the people we have worked with. Thank you to all the ICI practitioners who have helped us make it better!



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