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Certification of Multi-Industry Professionals Deepens Coaching Experience

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Our open certification event in May 2015 drew a number of consulting and coaching professionals. Together they explored the ICI framework and challenged each other to help their colleagues and others thrive in a global world.

KnowledgeWorkx often delivers tailored ICI Certification to a team of colleagues on-site; and we can accommodate almost any company in almost any part of the world. We also hold open certification events at a convenient venue so that participants can take the framework back to their own colleagues, companies or organizations where they can multiply the value of their certification. Both types of certification event present unique challenges and rewards; both at the event, as feedback, and later, as participants begin to apply the principles they learned. The May certification in Dubai was no exception. At this event we worked with participants to set and achieve goals for corporate change. What was particularly exciting about the May event was that participants ranged across a broad spectrum from interns and teachers to professional team and executive coaches in the medical and NGO sectors. This diversity set the scene for a broader set of insights and applications to be raised, discussed, and explored by the group. They began to see how the framework is applied to a number of different use cases; and it was a joy to begin their journey with them as they each made a concrete plan of action.

The experienced team coaches at the May event were particularly enthusiastic because they recognized that the framework provided them with a new vocabulary to immediately explore and tackle recurring issues that they encountered among their multi-national colleagues or clients.

One said that the ICI framework gave him a whole new toolbox to use in the workplace; and he planned to take immediate steps to get it incorporated into his company's internal training. Another felt that ICI was a much needed game changer, since it provided new and unimagined insights that helped her better understand both herself, her friends, and her clients, as a basis for focused and improved coaching.

If you would like to see firsthand how the ICI framework works across different contexts and workplace environments, consider joining our next open ICI Certification event, or find out if we can conduct one in your area.


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