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Coaching Beyond Borders to Unlock Global Potential with Sarah Anthony and Matt Trenchard

Ming-Jinn Tong on the Unlocking Cultural Agility Podcast

When cultures collide within the coaching arena, the game changes entirely. That's why this episode, featuring Matt Trenchard and Sarah Anthony, peels back the layers to expose the intricate dance of intercultural coaching. We uncover how these experiences enrich our professional coaching, inviting deep-seated respect and endless curiosity for the untapped potential in every individual we encounter.

Venture with us through the labyrinth of global interactions where challenges lurk and opportunities abound. From the personal anecdotes of coaching in the Gulf region to the collective repercussions of the pandemic and global conflict, we examine the pivotal role of cultural agility. It's not just about refining coaching strategies to align with cultural norms; it's about embracing the journey of personal growth that underpins the transformative power of coaching and intercultural intelligence.

Our conversation culminates in a celebration of a growing tribe of coaches, armed with intercultural agility through the Certificate in Intercultural Coaching, ready to spearhead change in a world brimming with cultural nuances. We explore how recognizing individual cultural uniqueness can enhance the coaching dynamic, leading to deeper understanding and stronger connections. Tune in for a rich exploration of how intercultural coaching can amplify your impact, creating ripples of positive change in a beautifully complex, multipolar world.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • The History of the Coaching Profession and its western roots.

  • How interculturally agile coaching helps coaches amplify their impact.

  • How to use intercultural coaching to help your coachee navigate complex intercultural situations.

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