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Embassy in Tunisia Draws on Inter-Cultural Intelligence to Empower Its Multi-Cultural Staff

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The American embassy in Tunisia asked for a KnowledgeWorkx facilitator to assist its staff.

The embassy has both American and local Tunisian personnel. Since both groups of staff differ culturally in a number of significant ways, they recognized the need for all their staff to become more inter-culturally aware and effective. In order to build bridges and improve its staff's understanding of each other, the embassy engaged KnowledgeWorkx' local facilitator to assist in June 2015.

Working together in any arena that involves statesmanship or politics is necessarily an inter-cultural affair, regardless of the nationalities involved. Politics by its nature involves different attitudes, opinions and peoples. This is one of the beautiful and multi-faceted tapestries of life. It can also be one of the most complex.

One of our KnowledgeWorkx certified facilitators in Tunisia was invited to lead a group of embassy employees in a time of exploration, awareness-raising, and the discussion of a few Inter-cultural Intelligence topics.

They unpacked the Three Colors of Worldview, and how one's worldview may impact how one views leadership and other aspects of life and work.

One economic specialist present called the training, "[a] journey to the center of human norms". Some of the staff discussed cultural shock and its impact on one's relationship and work.

The multi-cultural embassy group also played a simulation game that opened their eyes to some of the misunderstandings that may occur during inter-cultural interactions.

The activities and discussion only scratched the surface of these significant topics. Just as Rome was not built in a day, one strengthens, deepens, and develops Inter-Cultural Intelligence over a lifetime.

If you would like to begin your inter-cultural journey as a team or organization, contact us.


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