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Entrepreneurs Gather in Abu Dhabi for Another Workshop by Knowledgeworkx and North Point Academy

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, KnowledgeWorkx and Northpoint Academy facilitated another entrepreneurship workshop hosted by Servcorp Abu Dhabi. Marco Blankenburgh, the International Director KnowledgeWorkx and Matt Trenchard, CEO of Northpoint Academy always enjoy the opportunity to give back to the startup community. They recognize the knowledge gained from their company building journey should be used to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs..

The setting, while similar to last month’s successful event in Dubai, was vastly different from the people perspective - new people from different background both personally and professionally. Matt and Marco introduced entrepreneurship concepts like the hedgehog model and E-Myth. After the audience got a hold of the hedgehog concept, we used Mentimeter Interactive technology to poll the group. This allowed the participants to voice out the questions and concerns that they really needed answered.

The group was very interactive with group members even speaking into each other’s questions. That’s the beautiful thing about shared workspaces like Servcorp. In many ways they are creating new avenues of human connection in the midst of a 5G society. Servcorp is a catalyst, but people must be the ignition.

Marco and Matt answered questions like:

  • What are some tips on Networking for Business Success?

  • How do I grow my business?

  • What are the secrets to managing the ordinary stuff?

  • How do I thrive in the world of AI and Robotics?

Marco and Matt both operate businesses in a very people-centric manner. Matt gave insight into the loss of potential by trying to sell instead of truly getting to know people through networking. Marco spoke about his grassroots growth engine. Keeping a business focused on people care will always allow you to stand out from the crowd. Yes, customers will come and go in the short term, but a company that cares for the humanity of their customers will see people circle back in the long run. Citing that recently a connection from more than a decade ago reengaged as a customer. Marco recognized that in a competitive market people often cite that the positive way they feel leaving an engagement is the reason they come back. You can’t rush relationship and much of business is built on experiencing trust especially in this region. Marco and Matt both use their understanding of people development to keep their staff high functioning - whether it be the use of psychometric analysis in creating team member roles at KnowledgeWorkx or creating deep rapport through effective communication at North Point Academy.

Overall the event was a great success and an even greater opportunity to give back to the small business community. When we open ourselves as a resource to the community, we have the opportunity not only to build our business, but to make new friends. KnowledgeWorkx and Northpoint have proven that with their collaboration to create something entirely new for the marketplace - the Certificate of Intercultural Coaching (CIC). This is what the potential of collaboration can do when tapped. It keeps the world moving forward.



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