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New World, New Heroes

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Global complexity demands new ways of thinking: IT’S A NEW WORLD THAT NEEDS NEW HEROES.

We are pleased to announce that KnowledgeWorkx is taking Inter-Cultural Intelligence to the youth of the world. The KnowledgeWorkx Education team has put together a fantastic program that allows future leaders to connect with the power of ICI.

This next generation will need to lead in a global and inter-culturally complex world. The Global Leadership Track takes young people on a leadership journey unlike any other! Students will explore and embrace their identity both personally and culturally; they will explore how their passions, unique purpose, and the intercultural skill sets that will set them apart to thrive and impact wherever they are. Studies show that the Millennial generation is focused on bringing meaning to their lives and standing for a cause greater than themselves. They are looking and finding ways to live out their truth and their passions, and to connect to the world. They are fast-paced, ambitious, and visionary. We believe that the youth of the world in this era are perfectly positioned to advance as global leaders and be the change agents to solve social, political, environmental (to name a few) challenges that are only going to increase. We trust these students to lead us into the future. But we need to develop them as well as learn from their vision and concerns.

Contact us for more information on the Global Leadership Track and how to bring it to your area, and here are more details about leadership programs.



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