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Training, With or Without Coaching

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

How to ensure your training dollars are not wasted.

Whether to combine training with coaching remains a very important subject for discussion in the learning space. KnowledgeWorkx believes firmly that if you invest time in training in the hope you creating a new way of doing things, and you don’t follow up to make sure that that person is applying it, you are pretty much wasting your time and of course your investment.

Knowledge retention from training courses is low. Not only because a small percentage of the course is actually absorbed into memory, but also because there is a small window, as little as 3 weeks from receiving the training, during which you need to start action if you want to achieve long-term change. After this time the ability to change or create new habits from the training you invested so much money in is greatly decreased. Which presents a rather large challenge.

For us to be able to embed new knowledge and create change we need to combine three traditionally separate areas: Coaching, consulting and training. That integration in many organizations has still not happened. Many companies in the gulf region for example are still die hard training companies, ultimately they are not committed to helping the candidate to achieve change, they just want the participant to have had a memorable experience.

KnowledgeWorkx helps participants to take their training one step further as they leave training knowing:

  1. Where they should start

  2. Where they should stop

  3. What they should do more of

  4. What they should do less of

  5. How they will start implementing this in a structured manor

  6. And who they can talk to about it

To ensure long-term change we not only need to create change but also accountability. Coaching is a great way to achieve this. To ensure that the right people in your organization are involved in coaching, be they leaders or buddy system created, you need to reward and engage the coaches. For many coaches this would be a horizontal career development opportunity because ultimately by coaching you extend your reach amongst peers.

KnowledgeWorkx can work with organization and help you to understand how to create this support mechanism. We do this by teaming up participants, plugging worksheets into their performance measurements and providing coaching mechanisms where they can share with their coach.

Ultimately your return on investment from training is not just the score sheet completed on the day, but also the actual results you generate from it. Coaching will ensure that your investment is not wasted.

Join an upcoming Workshops to see how we facilitate learning and development through coaching in trainings.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create value for you and your organization.


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