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March 1, 2013

First Northern Ireland Inter-Cultural Intelligence Public Workshop

First Northern Ireland Inter-Cultural Intelligence Public Workshop

Building global competence through the use of ICI suite of products.

It was a week of learning and development for executives, HR professionals, managers, and trainers, consultants, learning specialists and coaches from the public, private, academic, and non-profit sectors. They all gathered at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast for the first Northern Ireland’s public Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) workshop. The workshop was organized by BRC Partnership and KnowledgeWorkx to empower participants with relevant skills needed to develop intercultural competencies and enable them to more successfully deal with intercultural realities of everyday work life.

At the end of the program, participants could boast of having been empowered to flourish personally and professionally in a global workspace using the ICI suite of products. The workshop which focused on the challenges that arise in an intercultural workspace, enabled participants to accurately anticipate, interpret and adjust appropriately in intercultural situations.

Participants had these to say: “The workshop provided a wonderful opportunity to dive more into your personal self & how you’ll be able to interact and do business in an increasing global marketplace.”

“For me an uplifting experience, these last two days – some great insights.”

“It was a well-organized, illustrated and engaging workshop.”

KnowledgeWorkx’s CMN Accreditation makes use of the ICI suite of products for its facilitation. To join the next accreditation workshop, contact us.

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