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The New Three Colors of Worldview Questionnaire and Report

As we endeavor to keep our products current and relevant, KnowledgeWorkx is excited to announce the release of our new Three Colors of Worldview © Questionnaire and Report.  

Over the last 10+ years of applying the Three Colors of Worldview, we have gained a much deeper understanding of the practical ways they each play out. This led us to the decision to build these new insights into the Three Colors of Worldview© questionnaire and report. Intercultural practitioners and participants will be able to leverage these updates and new insights to the benefit of, not only themselves but all those they come into contact with. 

A Brief History of the Three Colors of Worldview Discovery Tool

At its inception, the Three Colors of Worldview© questionnaire was designed to be taken in person alongside a moderator who allowed participants to answer questions within a limited time. This was done to ensure that participants gave their gut feeling without too much time to consider or ponder their responses. As the company grew, the questionnaire was moved online. While this contributed to the Three Colors of Worldview© being more widely accessible, it did come at the cost of losing the time constraint that allowed participants to rely on a more instinctive answer. Furthermore, our understanding of intercultural agility has deepened over the years, creating the need for questions that represented that depth and growth.  

Additions to the report 

In the Three Colors of Worldview© Report, there are three pairs of drivers motivating each person’s unique cultural worldview: Honor/Shame, Innocence/Guilt, and Power/Fear. Previous reports described how each driver operates and gave examples of how these drivers could be seen in interactions with others. This not only gave participants an understanding of their own drivers but also into the drivers and motivations of others.  

In this new report, we dive even deeper into each worldview driver revealing four powerful new ways in which each driver could be expressed or experienced.

  1. The Shadow Side: This manifests itself when fear, guilt and shame are used intentionally in a selfish way to oppress oneself or others. This has a disabling effect on relationships and ‘normalizing’ these behaviors can lead to people becoming numb and complacent.

  1. The Silver Lining: This is a perceived negative experience that, while it feels uncomfortable, inspires positive change. The Silver Lining could be any moment when one feels the discomfort of fear, guilt, or shame, but the feeling leads to a positive change.  

  1. Overuse: It is also possible for the positive aspects of each driver to have a negative effect when they are overused. The overuse of the positive aspects of each driver has the potential to grant innocence and honor undeservedly and exploit power for one’s own gain as opposed to empowering others.  

  1. Stress: Along with these negative expressions, it is important to note that people may respond differently to their overall drivers in times of stress. Your dominant cultural worldview driver could change in high-pressure situations. So having an understanding of all three drivers equips you with the intercultural agility to navigate stressful times. 

This, along with the passage of time, made some questions feel static or outdated in their wording, limiting their ability to create an accurate result.  These are the factors that led to the need for a revised questionnaire. This, in turn, created the need for a revised report that matched the rigor and agility of the survey.

Changes to the questionnaire 

We anticipate that the changes made to this report will benefit practitioners and participants in their journey toward Intercultural Agility. Here’s what you can expect in the new questionnaire: 

  • The questionnaire will consist of 25 statements, where participants will be required to rank their top two preferences in response to each question.  

  • There is a more streamlined platform experience from the questionnaire to the report and debrief.  

  • The wording of questions has been changed. Any questions that may skew results have been removed, and wording has been made more current to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Your opportunity to engage with the questionnaire and the report

This questionnaire and report are available to you as you embark on your unique intercultural agility journey. You have the opportunity to, not only complete the questionnaire but also engage in a debrief with a trained Intercultural Agility practitioner. Explore the benefits of the new Three Colors of Worldview©.


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