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A ‘Transformational’ Experience at Longview Mansion, Kansas City, USA

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

What a fantastic week in Kansas City! Or as Megan Hurst described it,'One of the best workshops I have ever participated in; it is revolutionary!’'

in Longview Mansion. An incredible example of Kansas hospitality, their client-centered thinking and the beauty and history of the house brought a wonderful ambience to the certification experience, proving once again that making the context part of the text results in a much more powerful event.

Every ICI Certification starts with a journey of internal transformation and culminates in the practical application of new perspectives and ideas to each individual’s own organization. The beauty of bringing a group of participants together from different sectors is the resulting kaleidoscope of experience as each person shares stories from their own life, colored with a new, richer insight as they see it within the context of interculturally intelligent thinking. The group at Kansas City was no exception to this rule.

Whether from an NGO, the commercial sector or an academic institution, each participant was able to translate the ICI framework into their own work environment. ‘The tools I received at ICI are unlike any other I have experienced. I feel the lessons can be immediately applied to my organization’, said Richard Grady. By the end of the week, each individual had developed a practical and tangible strategy applied to a specific project – planning strategic transformation that will ultimately influence the financial growth and stability of their company or institute.

We had a fascinating group of people at Kansas City,’ reflects Marco, the KnowledgeWorkx facilitator for the week, ‘And we are looking forward to seeing how their application of the ICI framework in their organizations is going to make a difference in this world’.

‘A compelling compilation of tools and exercises designed to help individuals excel in a globalized world’ – Caleb Cox, Kansas City ICI Certification participant.

Contact us to learn more about how KnowledgeWorkx can help you develop Inter-Cultural Intelligence in your organization. You can also start your culture learning journey from our mini-ebook: Inter-Cultural Intelligence: from surviving to thriving in the global space.



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