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Applying Inter-Cultural Intelligence to the Region's Leadership Development Journey

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

KnowledgeWorkx expert equips next-generation leaders at the Middle East Leadership Academy, Doha

MELA 5 launched in Doha on 6th March, 2014, offering an innovative, transformative leadership development experience to over 30 outstanding mid-career leaders representing almost every country in the region.

Launched in Central Eurasia (CELA) in 2002 by the Society of International Business Fellows, the Leadership Academy exists to build bridges and encourage collaboration across borders. Based on the principle that training leads to potential, while coaching and mentoring leads to performance, the Academy brings together a group of highly innovative mentors and coaches who donate their time to invest in the participants for the duration of this unique ten-day course.

Marco Blankenburgh, the KnowledgeWorkx facilitator at the event, is excited to be part of it. The calibre of young leadership that is part of this group is phenomenal; it is always a privilege to be part of the Leadership Academy. The KnowledgeWorkx staff are passionate about leadership development, and our job is to help individuals discover how to structure a leadership development journey that will allow them to be successful over the years.

KnowledgeWorkx is involved in the earlier days of the Academy, and focuses on introducing participants to the Inter-Cultural Intelligence framework and how participants can use it to develop global leadership competencies and meta-competencies.

There was a lot of resonance in the room as most participants engage in an intercultural work environment on a daily basis. Inspired by the practical applications of ICI, questions and discussions continued for another two hours after his session. Questions ranged from the impact of ICI on motivating teams to resolving conflict and dealing with mergers and acquisitions. "These ideas opened up a very rich conversation, one that many of the participants would like to continue even after the Academy is over," said Marco.

The Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity to invest in the future leaders of the Middle East, and is something KnowledgeWorkx will continue to support. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind leadership development journey, we would definitely recommend you to set aside those ten days in 2015 and join the next MELA.

Contact us to learn more about how KnowledgeWorkx can help you develop Inter-Cultural Intelligence in your organization. You can also start your cultural learning journey from our mini-ebook: Inter-Cultural Intelligence: From Surviving To Thriving in the Global Space.


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