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Arjen Brussé Joins the KnowledgeWorkx Team

We are all thrilled to announce that Arjen Brussé is joining KnowledgeWorkx as a Global Partner.

Arjen's wealth of experience extends from his tenure as an international partner at a prominent Big 4 firm. Over the years, he has confronted diverse challenges within various organizations and across different industries, granting him invaluable insights into the multifaceted nature of corporate culture. He has witnessed culture act as both a significant stumbling block and a catalyst for success. Arjen is now dedicated to empowering organizations and leaders to harness the power of culture as a driving force in their strategic initiatives, teams, market expansion efforts, and M&A projects.

Additionally, his intercultural expertise has been honed through investment ventures in both the Middle East and Europe. Arjen's commitment to social impact is reflected in his role as an advisor to a social impact fund, where he contributes his strategic acumen to foster positive change across cultures.

He brings varied expertise as a:

+ Certified Leadership Coach, ICF

Working with you individually or your team to help you learn how to navigate with cultural agility and develop it in those you lead.

+ Certified Practitioner of Inter-Cultural Intelligence, Knowledgeworkx, Dubai, UAE

Helping you build deeper connections across cultures and increase your cultural agility.

+ Everything DiSC, Certified Consultant

Helping you grow in your journey toward intercultural connection

Arjen lives in the Netherlands, where he founded Culturevate Consulting. He loves to work strategically to help leaders and organizations develop a high-performing culture.

Welcome aboard, Arjen!

If you would like to work with Arjen, you can contact him here.


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