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Higher International Human Resources Becomes a KnowledgeWorkx Partner

We are all thrilled to announce that Higher International Human Resources is joining KnowledgeWorkx as a KnowledgeWorkx Partner.

Higher LLC, offers a people-centered approach to business health and growth.  They help you develop your team to best support your business strategy, providing you better employee retention, more team collaboration and increased productivity. When you have an engaged, high-performing team, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and business growth. 

Erika Butler, Founder and CEO of Higher International HR shared about the partnership:

"We feel fortunate that KnowledgeWorkx has selected our organization to enter into a formal partnership.  Our new partnership is key to better equip and elevate many individuals and teams for their purpose-filled journeys; Or, as we like to say to “Go Higher”!  The value of this partnership is 1+1 = 3, increasing our ability to impact and help as many people as possible.


The KnowledgeWorkx Team includes some of the most talented, hard-working, and high-integrity people we have ever worked with.  Their brilliance, discipline, and dependability blow us away.  With our shared goals and values, we have high expectations to leverage our expertise coupled with KnowledgeWorkx’s world-class development toolkits such as DiSC, ICI, Promote, and more.  We will make the most of the synergy that exists between our “A-Player” teams (with big brains and big hearts)! 


I’m most excited for the results I believe we will accomplish together around the globe.  We have witnessed encouraging wins working together over the last few years.  I can’t wait to celebrate many more as we grow our impact in 2024 and beyond!"

Learn more about the work Higher International Human Resources is doing at

We can't wait to see the synergy of this partnership coming to fruition!

If you would like to work with Higher International Human Resources, you can contact them here.


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