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Building Inter-Cultural Intelligence for Global Leadership Excellence

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Dubai has seen tens of millions of expatriates pass through its business community in the past few decades. The UK, India, US, China, Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Africa, and Argentina are just a few of the more than 200 nationalities represented here. What a perfect place to have an Inter-Cultural Intelligence Accreditation Workshop!

This workshop was hosted by the traditional Al Manzil Hotel from 18 to 22 August, 2013. This hotel is in the heart of Dubai and sits across from the tallest skyscraper and largest mall in the world, and was a perfect place to observe intercultural interactions at their finest.

Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) is a growing need throughout the world, with the forces of globalization and technological advancement, the world is becoming smaller, bringing every nationality, ethnicity, organization, and their various cultures together. ICI introduces a new attitude and way of life, creating a neutral cultural space to effectively conduct business and be successful.

The accreditation is a 5 day long program and accredits participants to present levels one and two of the Inter-Cultural Intelligence material. After levels one and two have been presented to 10 or more people, an accredited professional can obtain ICI certification and deliver a wider variety of ICI products.

Coming from Australia, the UK, the US, and right here in the UAE, we had many participants with many different backgrounds and experiences to add to our transition to Inter-Cultural Intelligence.

Our group focused on leadership, teaming, and conflict resolution/negotiation. One of the participants, an HR professional, had this to say, “I can now finally verbalize why certain HR practices just don’t work in certain parts of the world.” Our participants really connected with the 12 dimensions of culture and their impact on all levels of business. Another participant, an experienced consultant said, “I wish I did this long before.”

Other participants had this to say:

Better inter-cultural relationships – better world.”
“I have been looking for a way to address inter-cultural issues in MNCs for a long time. I believe the ICI program provides a suitable language, methodology, and tools to do this effectively.”
“ICI has given me a way to navigate the Intercultural chaos and hopefully reduce it.”

Contact us to find learn more about upcoming ICI accreditations.



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