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Deep Dive Takes ICI facilitators on a Journey to Three Different Lands

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Our network of certified ICI facilitators (now over 600 people) has been refreshing and diving deeper into their understanding of intercultural intelligence through a free series KnowledgeWorkx created to invest in our facilitators. In each session, we brought in a different member of our diverse community to share new insights from the ways they have been integrating intercultural intelligence with their area of expertise.

This week, Linda Berlot, a leader of a company specializing in team dynamics, Berlot Group, shared one of her most effective exercises for helping teams navigate complex intercultural space together. It was so effective and impactful at allowing participants to feel what it was like to step into another worldview that afterwards one of the participants shared, “I am still feeling the struggle that I felt while sitting in the Honor Shame quadrant.”

After the activity, the participants left knowing an effective way to bring a whole team out of their own perspective and into a third cultural space. Two participants shared:

“It really helped with perspective taking. Visiting the other lands virtually and trying to experience it that way instead of from the ‘outside.’ I think it will help when making team agreements to have that knowledge and experience, knowing why each of these lands operates the way they do.”

“I love how you made this so interactive. It was really empowering because if a team were to go through this exercise and be able to come away with these type of team agreements. It really puts everyone on a level playing field and really empowers people and gives them confidence not only in who they are as individuals but also in how to respect in that third culture other people on their teams.”



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