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Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Understanding KnowledgeWorkx's Application of Everything DiSC® in Emotional Intelligence Competencies Development

Johnson who is an excellent professional and a friend lost a contract because he blew it during the final round of negotiation. The trigger: A member of the other negotiating party said something that Johnson perceived as offensive and didn't know how to appropriately channel his emotion. The other party didn't mean to offend him but once offense was taken, things spiraled out of control and the other party walked away from the deal.

Debriefing the situation he realized that he wasn't aware of his emotions, didn't understand how they were triggered and wasn't able to self-regulate to self-motivate beyond the negative feelings he experienced.

Any learning has to go through three simple steps: getting fresh awareness, accepting the reality and consequences of the new awareness, and committing to adaptation strategies.

Many people don’t mind becoming aware, but the challenge comes in when you have to decide what to with that new awareness? Will I cast it aside, declare it to be nonsense or ‘not really such a big deal’ or will I fully embrace the truth of it as well as the consequences of that truth. And say, “I am now ready to formulate and commit to adaptation strategies.” Only then will this Chinese proverbs: “When the student is ready the teacher appears” becomes true.

Johnson had to come to terms with the fact that he wasn't aware of his emotions. He also didn't understand how the triggers work that caused him to respond in such a negative fashion. He then had to show strength in admitting that he was not aware and that this was hindering his ability to be successful. Lastly he needed help to illuminate the core issues, and start a development journey to overcome them.

Using Everything DiSC® to unpack Emotional Intelligence is one of the great ways to use the assessment.

Here are some of the ways Everything DiSC® addresses Emotional Intelligence related competencies and skills.

  • The way the Everything DiSC® reports are structured makes it very easy to connect EI related competencies to the personalized behavioral statements in the Everything DiSC® reports.

  • The reports have an inherent and embedded Emotional Intelligence orientation because they highlight behavioral strengths and growth areas, motivators, stressors, demotivators and tendencies in how we engage with other people.

  • Everything DiSC® in the hands of a certified practitioner is an excellent self-discovery tool and will help you discover your patterns of thinking, feeling and acting across different situations.

  • Once you have gone through self-discovery, the report highlights strategies for increased effectiveness with people are you.

  • As you start practicing these effectiveness strategies you will see how they equip you to have more powerful conversations, create collaborative action and see that translate into increased work and relational effectiveness.

“Every tool is only as powerful as the hands you put it in”. With psychometric assessment tools this truth is possibly even more important to recognize!

This is why KnowledgeWorkx invests in conducting Everything DiSC® certification workshops as a Wiley Business Partner.

We strongly recommend you to get certified to unleash the power of Everything DiSC®.

Everything DiSC® has been an excellent tool in one-to-one, small group, team, department or organization wide initiatives. It is crucial that learning journeys allow enough time for the participants to engage at a deeper level with their style so they can become self-aware, accept the reality and consequence, and commit to practicing adaptation strategies in their engagement with others.

Everything DiSC® is the third generation of DiSC tools and we are very excited about the simplicity, power and depth of the new suite of Everything DiSC® assessments.

The Everything DiSC® profiles come in five models: Workplace, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders and a 363®.

KnowledgeWorkx and Wiley recommend the Everything DiSC® suite of profiles, as the perfect tool for building EI within your company or organization.

To begin your culture learning journey, Contact us or get our mini-ebook: Inter-Cultural Intelligence: from surviving to thriving in the global space.


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