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Explaining DiSC® and Its Application Areas

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

KnowledgeWorkx view DiSC® as a psychometric tool that is to be used as part of a holistic solution.

A means to an end rather than something to be used as a stand-alone tool. Here you will find an outline of what it is and how you can use it to advance your company.

What is DiSC®?

The Letters DiSC® stand for quadrants that are key pointers to peoples behaviors. It helps you to figure out who you are and what your drivers, fears and objectives are as you collaborate with other people.

A relatively simple structure, it is easy to quickly derive serious value from little time investment. Just 2 days laying the foundations for DiSC® provides you with a neutral language where you can discuss behavioral differences that are less people centric and therefore less emotive.

At KnowledgeWorkx we use both classical psychometric tools such as DiSC® and non-classical tools such as the Three Colors of Worldview and 12 Dimensions of Culture. Combining a tool like DiSC® with our ICI products provides an exciting opportunity to view yourself both from a personality and culturally driven side of behavior, giving you a richness is unparalleled.

Applications of DiSC®

There are 18 different DiSC® application areas. As a tool it is very powerful and can be used for both individual and group reporting, with specialized supplements. In depth reports can be 70 pages long and a very comprehensive. Here are just a few example of how it can be used.

DiSC® and Recruitment

By linking competence to behavior you can figure out if the person you seek to recruit is the right fit. We don’t encourage clients to use as YES or NO tool but as tool to empower interviewers to ask the right behavioral interview questions in order to ascertain whether a person displays the behavior you’re looking for.

DiSC® and Job Role Behavioral Analysis

A very powerful way to recruit a large number of people for similar role descriptions can be achieved by first defining the behaviors sought in a role using the DiSC® tool and then cross-matching likely DiSC® profiles who will be successful in that role.

An example of this being done successfully can be seen in Singapore Airlines. They defined the behavioral requirements for cabin crew and then narrowed and aligned this during the recruitment process.

DiSC® and Managing People

As a tool it helps managers and leaders to understand themselves and others, allowing them to successfully motivate and manage their teams more effectively.

DiSC® and Team Effectiveness and Design

Greater self-awareness allows you to understand how to create a team that supports strengths and props up weaknesses. This can lead to the design of greater teams as well as their improved effectiveness.

DiSC® and Change Management

What we fear and aspire to has direct impact on how we handle change. The DiSC® assessment allows you to decipher this at a personality related behavioral level. When coupled with the cultural preference this becomes an extremely powerful mechanism for fueling change.

DiSC® and Customer Service

On completion of self-discovery assessments, you are able to learn how you influence and how you deal with people you work with as well as clients.

This can be utilized to build better customer service interfaces, be those on the phone or face-to-face. In addition, people can be taken on a journey to speed-read customers, which is extremely useful for instant responses to customer service and relationship management challenges.

DiSC® and Negotiation / Conflict Resolution

The way we negotiate and resolve conflict is directly linked to personality and our behavioral style. In Negotiation Programs or Conflict Resolution it is very value to include DiSC® in that journey.

DiSC® and Transition Management

The failure rate for senior executive placements is 30-40% and provides a significant cost to companies. Depending on how challenging the environment you are moving into is, culture shock can be a direct result. DiSC® can aid the identification of potential types of culture shock that are likely to occur so that mitigation can be achieved.

DiSC® and Presentation and Communication Skills

Understanding yourself and your audience better, can lead to better preparation of material and delivery thereof. By understanding how to read a person asking questions, you can quickly reply to their questions and to the intent behind it.

These are just some of the applications of DiSC®. There are 18 in total that can be explored. To find out more, please Contact us.

Please read Introduction to DiSC® Psychometrics and KnowledgeWorkx to understand why we work with DiSC®, Inscape Publishing and why we prefer shorter chunks of measurements.


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