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ICI Certification Changes the Way You View Your World

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The ultimate end goal is transformation. The ICI Certification journey could potentially be a long-overdue brain-rewiring.

If you take an art course—even the most basic class on drawing and structural representation—you begin to learn a new way of seeing things. After spending hours trying to get the shading just right within every single fold of a cloth draped over a tea kettle…it just starts to do things to your brain. Ever after, you notice a new awareness—you notice things that you would never have before. The elegant curvature of a line here, the way the sunlight falls against the simplest corner of a building there—you may even start to think how you would sketch that subject. You will never see a shadow or a line in quite the same way again.

Studying Inter-Cultural Intelligence can have that effect on participants. Culture is such an integral part of who we are, that if we spend any significant length of time exploring nuances of culture and all of the areas of our lives that culture impacts—it will be a transformative experience! Embarking on a transformative journey is at the heart of KnowledgeWorkx’s ICI Certification workshop."

The ICI program has been running now for nine years, in multiple continents across the world—in Africa, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, in North America—in fact, the only place where the workshop has not been facilitated yet is in Latin America (and that may change one day soon, as well). What makes the ICI Certification training so special is the opportunity to take hundreds of years’ worth of combined international inter-cultural experience and connect it to a systematic framework, a systematic way of looking at culture. This combination and connection is probably the most exciting part of the ICI Certification experience.

The participants make the ICI Certification journey come alive

Why is this exciting? Well, although KnowledgeWorkx has developed a solid body of knowledge—a framework with over 15 years of experience of applying our “3 Colors of Worldview”, the “12 Dimensions”, and the ICI framework to many many situations in corporate, government, NGO, and academic environments and education environments—although all of that is substantial, it's the people who join us on the journey during each certification workshop that multiply the insights and value they receive.

Every participant brings into the room their unique experiences, their unique failures and successes, and their unique set of opinions. For example, take the certification workshop in November 2015 in Dubai: nine people gathered in one room, and among them, they represented 285 years of intercultural experience. Not too long ago, there was a group with an even higher combined total of years of intercultural experience—right at 512 years’ worth!

The facilitators and participants alike are learning simultaneously—everyone involved learns so much from each other, and we learn from connecting the framework to past experiences. It’s beautiful, every time, to observe how those years of experience make the ICI framework come alive.

So, we welcome you on what could well be a transformative journey for you. We look forward to having you add your many years of intercultural experience to the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certification. You may never view your world the same way again.



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