Knowledgeworkx Achieves New Level as Provider of Wiley Tools

Updated: Mar 26

KnowledgeWorkx is a leading provider of Wiley assessment tools, and we are excited to work with the third generation of Everything DiSC®.

Wiley produces assessment and profile tools for both individuals and teams, notably Everything DiSC® and Team Dimensions. KnowledgeWorkx is a Wiley Partner, and uses these tools, among others, in its consulting, coaching, and certification programs. There are now six specialized Everything DiSC® reports available, and KnowledgeWorkx makes use of all of them: Everything DiSC Workplace, Sales, Team, Management, Work of Leader, and 363. The Wiley tools are great for assessing team strengths and interaction in terms of roles and inter-personal factors related to individual personality, priorities, decision-making, etc.