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Knowledgeworkx Contributes to the Development of Future Leader

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Middle East Leadership Academy 2013 (MELA 2013)

Building global leadership through Inter-Cultural Intelligence.

The International Director of KnowledgeWorkx Mr. Marco Blankenburgh joined other leadership development experts who donated their time to invest in the next generation of leaders in the Middle East.

MELA 2013 is the fourth Leadership Academy in the Middle East. The academy took place from March 7 – 17 drew 26 high-potential leaders from all walks of life in the region to be equipped to handle the leadership challenges of the 21st century.

The Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) is an international and intercultural initiative to nurture the passion of a new generation of leaders in the Arab world and help them to develop, network and accelerate their careers. MELA is a non-profit organization and has no connections to any government. Participants are invited to join a growing group of alumni, experts and coaches in order to network, collaborate and support each other over the course of their career.

The objectives of MELA are very much aligned with KnowledgeWorkx. It was a very important call to the KnowledgeWorkx boss, Mr. Blankenburgh. He believed that is a worthwhile investment to contribute to the development of future leaders of the region. While addressing the participants of the conference, Marco used DiSC (a proven psychometric assessment tool) and the Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) suite of products in helping the upcoming leaders to discover their personal strengths and use them in handling the challenges related to globalization and the complexities of working with different people in an intercultural environment.

Among the earlier speakers at the conference, Marco was excited to be given the opportunity to deal with ‘the leader within’ issues in order to set the tune and prepare participants for the rest of the journey that was filled with coaching, training, learning and development. He was impressed with the organizers and other facilitators and pointed out the efficiency and effectiveness of their approach to leadership development.


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