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LEXIT and KnowledgeWorkx Partnership Announcement

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Collaboration to add Inter-Cultural alignment to the portfolio of the first All-in-One Solution for M&A

KnowledgeWorkx is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with LEXIT, the all-in-one marketplace for entrepreneurs and M&A professionals, providing access to deal sourcing, tendering, negotiations, and data rooms within minutes!

"This is the first milestone of our Middle East expansion, and a great step forward in our quest to make mergers and acquisitions accessible to all members of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem," stated Amir Kaltak, LEXIT CEO.

Through this partnership, LEXIT will enrich its all-in-one solution development by considering the intercultural factors involved in an M&A deal using the KnowledgeWorkx methodology for assessing and aligning the cultures of two or more organizations.

"Developing a thriving post-M&A organizational culture is possibly the last frontier of mergers and acquisitions work. We’re excited to join forces with LEXIT to make culture integration services available to the world." Marco Blankenburgh, KnowledgeWorkx CEO

About KnowledgeWorkx

KnowledgeWorkx was launched with a vision to create a new framework with Intercultural Intelligence at its core for understanding problems and creating accurate, creative, and innovative solutions. Since its inception, KnowledgeWorkx products have evolved and been tested in close to 70 countries on five continents and proven to be globally effective.


LEXIT is an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs and M&A professionals, offering deal sourcing, tendering, negotiations, and data rooms. Entrepreneurs are thus empowered to discover the value of their assets on a vibrant and highly liquid marketplace. And most importantly – LEXIT enables companies to trade IP and tech assets efficiently.

We are excited to have LEXIT as a partner and work with them on building the next phase of the M&A marketplace. Follow us for more updates.

Don't miss out and open your LEXIT account today. Users that join LEXIT Phase I will get access to Seller membership features as they are released through 2019! You can join the growing community of entrepreneurs via Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook.

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