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10 Key Articles on Inter-Cultural Intelligence

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Dive deeper into the applications of Inter-Cultural Intelligence

KnowledgeWorkx has built up quite a library of articles on Inter-Cultural Intelligence over the years; here are ten, together in one place.

The Application of Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) to Our Communication Styles An application of Inter-Cultural Intelligence, this post explores the importance of recognizing direct and indirect communication styles in order to communicate more effectively with everyone—from colleagues to parents and students.

The Dangers of Operating in a Globalized World Without Inter-Cultural Intelligence: Part I The biggest danger of operating sans ICI is that a lack of framework for understanding intercultural complexity will lead to wasted time, and money lost on implementing the wrong solutions. ICI gives you a better idea of what you don't know, thereby turning unknown-unknowns into known-unknowns.

The Dangers of Operating in a Globalized World Without Inter-Cultural Intelligence: Part II A further look at how a lack of ICI incurs traumatic transitions, HR headaches, recruiting failures, and retention wrecks—as well as a look at how ICI might rescue and restore those same situations.

The Dangers of Operating in a Globalized World Without Inter-Cultural Intelligence: Part III Leadership disasters, communication collapse, and stakeholder missteps, and how application of the tools of ICI can help identify and avoid these issues.

Keeping the World in Mind: The Application of Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) in International Schools A discussion on why international schools must consider how to develop ICI in order to build effective global learning communities where the future leaders of the world are taught, trained, and launched into increasing intercultural complexity.

The Application of Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) in Multinational Companies A personal story from a Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for one of the top three consulting firms in the Middle East and North Africa, this article covers the benefits he/she found in ICI training, the implementation of ICI in diversity and inclusion, and client-focused training that impacts the bottom line.

The Application of Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) to the Region’s Leadership Development Journey A short press release about KnowledgeWorkx's role in equipping next-generation leaders with ICI at the Middle East Leadership Academy, Doha.

The Three Meta-Competencies of ICI Three key competencies that play a pivotal role in determining success or failure for would-be global leaders in an intercultural milieu: Mastering fear, seeing clearly and maintaining focus, and managing incompatibilities. Written for leaders, and prioritized to help them engage more effectively.

The Competencies that Support the Three Meta-Competencies A fascinating treatment of competencies to pursue. These 14 competencies undergird the three ICI meta-competencies that are pivotal for global leaders—five competencies support mastering fear; three support clarity and focus on the greater good of all involved; and six support managing and overcoming incompatibilities. A must-read for anyone leading people in an intercultural environment.

What Is Inter-Cultural Intelligence? Although not technically an article, this is a compact description of ICI as a strategic combination of insights, competencies, attitudes, and behaviors that enable you to assess intercultural situations accurately. This pages introduces the framework and assessment tools that KnowledgeWorkx uses to make intercultural engagement as simple as using a psychometric tool to measure personality.


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