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Deep Dives Connect ICI Practitioners Across the Globe

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Since June, KnowledgeWorkx has been creating community among ICI practitioners through a series of deep dives bringing the latest insights to practitioners.

KnowledgeWorkx’ ninth and latest Deep Dive opened a space for ICI practitioners to get experience coaching individuals with the Three Colors of Worldview. The practitioners received an in-depth refreshment of the principles behind the Three Colors of Worldview and a set of insightful questions to ensure deep coaching conversations.

This refreshment was invaluable for the practitioners. One of them gratefully said, “This whole thing of asking questions to understand cultural motivation is my bread and butter!” However, the greatest value of these sessions is through the connections between practitioners themselves.

One practitioner whose job required them to engage with a specific subculture in the US was at a standstill in her work because of a cultural disagreement. In a deep dive, she met another practitioner from that exact subculture who was able to work with her to completely resolve the issue. Two other Dutch participants who connected through these Deep Dives, have partnered up to start marketing ICI courses in the Netherlands.

These deep dives were created as a way for KnowledgeWorkx to bring together its global community of ICI practitioners and they have been accomplishing exactly that.


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