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Everything DiSC and the Benefits KnowledgeWorkx Brings to Your Certification

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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Everything DiSC

KnowledgeWorkx brings a powerful, holistic philosophy to its Everything DiSC Certification process, including Team Dimensions and Time Mastery. Over three days, you will be exposed to a way of thinking that has proven to be the best way to understand people-development in inter-cultural settings.

“Holistic Development” is a term that is often abused; examples are hard to find in practice. True, holistic people-development can only be achieved if you start applying a variety of lenses when working with teams and individuals: emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, team behavior, personality, the handling of time, the handling of projects, etc.

Firstly, we focus on a comprehensive approach to the application of psychometric and sociometric assessments tools: an integrated approach that includes consulting, coaching, and learning & development as part of your journey. We believe in a coaching journey which results in learning that sticks; through experience we know that one-off workshops do not lead to behavioral change, which is the prerequisite for corporate change.

Secondly, we apply unique intercultural insights to help us assess each individual in the most accurate way possible. In most cases, a person's underlying worldview and cultural preferences will influence how a standardized psychometric tool should be explained, administered, interpreted and applied to that person. Most tools and most certification processes do not cover the nuances and issues that must be addressed in our inter-culturally complex and global world.

By combining good psychometric tools with a thorough understanding of Inter-Cultural Intelligence, we believe we can offer the best of all worlds to new Everything DiSC practitioners. Even before assessment takes place, facilitators and coaches will want to consider who they are assessing, and how different individuals may perceive the tools and receive the results. ICI helps you to understand culture and context, helps you create a third cultural space, and helps you to plan for the outcomes you would like to achieve.



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