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Immediate Benefits Gained From Everything DiSC

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Everything DiSC training provides immediate practical application to participants

“An insightful and interesting programme that gives you that ‘lightbulb’ moment each day.”

That’s how Ian Murray described the 3-day DiSC tools training seminar led by KnowledgeWorkx leader Marco Blankenburgh in Dubai this November. Ian is an operations manager for a training firm. Although the class was small, it was a diverse group—participants represented a wide variety of industries, from hospitality to marketing and branding, to social media management, to the construction industry, as well as professional training and development.

With these broadly-experienced participants and such a broad scope of potential applications for DiSC tools, the class was able to dive deeply into all the tools, including the advanced or additional Beyond DiSC tools, such as Team Dimensions and Time Mastery (a unique tool that helps learners cut to the chase when tackling time management issues).

KnowledgeWorkx provides Everything DiSC training that is immediately relevant to each participant's needs

The course content was approached from a “need point of view.” Everyone knew of specific needs already demanding attention within their organizations, and the DiSC training had significant bearing upon those immediate needs.

The DiSC seminar emphasizes getting to know oneself thoroughly before attempting to tell others about themselves. Sharon Dhaliwal said she appreciated how the seminar gave her insight into herself “and more importantly how to deal with others through the DiSC profile.”

Most of the seminar participants expressed interest in finalizing their DiSC certification. Within two weeks after completing the seminar, one individual had already fulfilled the remaining requirements for Wiley certification, and several others are in-process.

KnowledgeWorkx continues to support the participants’ efforts as they apply the tools in the best possible way in their organizations across various industries. It has been encouraging on all sides to see the November seminar participants pursuing certification, and already implementing the DiSC tools in their respective work environments to benefit teamwork and productivity.



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