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Killer Meetings with Marco Blankenburgh

Updated: Jul 10

Ming-Jinn Tong on the Unlocking Cultural Agility Podcast

Are you ready to turn the intricacies of intercultural meetings from minefields into gold mines?

Let's embark on this journey together with, Marco Blankenburg, the International Director of KnowledgeWorks. We'll interrogate the challenges of cultural nuances in meeting spaces, and how to navigate the virtual and face-to-face interactions in our current work environment. Get ready to learn from Microsoft's intriguing research on how the pandemic has modified meeting dynamics and how to foster a space where everyone is valued and can contribute freely.

In our enlightening conversation, we delve into effective strategies to engage all participants in intercultural meetings and boost the overall structure. Marco will share the secrets behind a successful meeting - from preparation to the selection of a moderator. He'll also delve into the understanding of how cultural dynamics play a crucial role in affecting the contributions of certain individuals. Intrigued by the use of CC and BCC in intercultural meetings? We'll unravel the intricacies of this, and the subtle communication nuances that take place before and after these meetings.

This episode promises to change the way you approach your next intercultural meeting. Don't miss it!

Navigating the complexities of virtual intercultural meetings may seem daunting, but with the right tools and strategies, it can become an enriching and productive experience. By fostering an inclusive culture, engaging all participants, understanding cultural dynamics, and using innovative tools, we can truly unlock the power of virtual intercultural meetings.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What to do before a meeting to make sure it is effective.

  • How to lead meetings that include everyone regardless of their cultural background.

  • How to use meetings to increase your productivity.

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