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Knowledgeworkx Launches Remote Online Coaching

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Leveraging Technology in Value Creation – Online, Live Coaching Solutions

KnowledgeWorkx, an Authorized Partner of Wiley (formerly Inscape), announces the creation of an online coaching option for individuals anywhere in the world.

From 2006, KnowledgeWorkx has been Certifying Behavioral Consultants – professionals in many industries who rely on the benefits of Everything DiSC®. People have used the DiSC® model for decades to help themselves and others, better understand intrinsic behavioral motivators.

The benefits are huge. When people have a more clear understanding of what drives them, they will become better at team collaboration, and leading and managing others.

Learn more about the types of coaching sessions available. The online coaching specializations are:

  1. Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders.

  2. Everything DiSC® Workplace.

  3. Time Mastery Profile®

  4. Coping & Stress Profile®

  5. Transition Management

Each module comes with an online assessment and one hour of live engagement with a Wiley Certified Facilitator/coach. The benefits are twofold: people receive professional coaching with excellent tools, and it can be scheduled to suit your unique time zone.



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